Counters - MCQs with answers

Counters - MCQs with answers

Q1. A counter is fundamentally a _________ sequential circuit that proceeds through the predetermined sequence of states only when input pulses are applied to it.

a. register
b. memory unit
c. flipflop
d. arithmatic logic unit

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ANSWER: a. register

Q2.Match the following sequential Circuits with associated functions

1. Counter -------- A. Storage of Program & data in a digital computer

2. Register -------- B. Generation of timing variables to sequence the digital system operations

3. Memory --------- C. Design of Sequential Circuits


a. 1-A , 2-B , 3-C
b. 1-C , 2-B , 3-A
c. 1-C , 2-A , 3-B
d. 1-B , 2-C , 3-A

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ANSWER: d. 1-B , 2-C , 3-A

Q3. What is the maximum possible range of bit-count specifically in n-bit binary counter consisting of 'n' number of flipflops?

a. 0 to 2n
b. 0 to 2n-1
c. 0 to 2n+1
d. 0 to 2n+1 / 2

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ANSWER: b. 0 to 2n-1

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