Course details for Business Administration

Can you please give me the course details, so that I can prepare accordingly?

The course helps students to fine-tune their business analytical skills and understand the corporate world and perform to the expectations of the industry in a way that gives them a prominent status. Students are given solid foundation in the principles of Business management. Economics, organizational behavior, marketing, accounting, finance, strategy, operations management, international business, information technology management, supply chain management and project management are the subjects covered in the management courses. Theoretical aspects and practical issues of managing business are taught in the institutes. All the students are exposed to the practical scenarios through various methods of teaching.

In the 1st year of the course, they are trained in all aspects of business like marketing, finance, human resource, operation management, production, systems etc. During the 2nd year, there will be elective areas and the students can specialize in any one of the field of management. The core subjects of specialisation in MBA include Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Production and Systems. Beside these, there are over 20 areas of specialisations one can choose from. Retail, Hotel, Tourism & Travel, Airport & Airlines, Hospital, Finance & Services, International Business, Construction, and Banking & Insurance etc. are some of them.
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