Course fees for pursuing Image consulting profession

What is the course fees for pursuing Image consulting profession?

-The course fees for Image consulting could range anywhere between 1, 50, 000 to 3, 00, 000 for a 1 year course.
-This again depends on the institute you wish to pursue it from.

In a country like India, how many image consultants have been able to find business?

-India is on the development stage, and people have realized the importance of their image, and can easily afford one.
-If you look at the other departments like fashion designing, all those who have been practicing it well have been able to find work for themselves.
-You can also start your own business in the field after gaining a certain amount of exposure and experience.
-Your clients would definitely prefer a well-trained and experienced image consultant, hence it is apt to gain good knowledge and education.
-There is a lot of scope for image consultants in the sense that they can train under a professional, for a period of time and then start his/her own business.
-In India people have become image conscious and are in the lookout for people who can transform their personalities which bends to the needs of the dynamic markets.

Which are the fields in which I need to gain work experience in to become a good image consultant?

-Get experience in the field of marketing as image consulting is a type of brand development.
-Get experience in the field of fashion. Learn about the various fashion styles. Get experience as a designer, assistant, etc.
-Get experience in business development. Gaining know how about how a corporate works, how to run a business.
-Get experience in the field of Human Resources.
-Gain experience as a Blogger.
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  • RE: Course fees for pursuing Image consulting profession -Nilanjana Das (11/10/16)
  • I donot have a working experience in any I still eligible to do the course?...will it be really fruitful for me to do the course?