Course vs College - Which one should you choose?

Course vs College – Which one should you choose?

The admission season arrives and with it arrives the confusion in students - whether to chase their dream and pursue the course of their choice or opt for a good college even if it means foregoing the course of their interest. Different set of people have different opinions. Here we bring to you the arguments from both the groups:

Choose the course of your choice

- The environment and the premises of a good college while compromising on the course of your interest might elate you for some months but will ultimately make you depressed when you are not able to perform well or find the subject interesting.
- Those who perform well in their course and possess a good knowledge are valued in the market even if they come from a mediocre college.
- If the course is of your choice the chances of you being happy in your profession and life are higher while if you compromise on the course for a good college, you might land up being dissatisfied all your life. If you are sure that you want to be a Geologist do not opt for Economics even if it means giving up the best college.
- When you choose a course of your choice and work hard, there are fair chances of being able to get into a good college for PG through an entrance exam.

Placements come with college

- Preference of college specially comes higher if you are pursuing a technical (engineering) or management course. If you want to do engineering off course it is the college which should take preference because ultimately everyone would teach the same subjects but the placements come with the college’s brand name.
- A good college provides a good environment, extra curricular activities, a good quality faculty which are extremely important for over all growth.

Preference to college above course or course above college is a confusing decision. To help students the colleges and schools together can introduce some counselling sessions where the students can find answers to their questions. The students should also take an initiative and contact their principals, vice-principals, teachers and career counsellors to make a decision.

Moreover, if the students are sure about the career they want to pursue, it is the course which they should go after but if it is just a thing like job in IT choose the best college available to you.
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  • RE: Course vs College – Which one should you choose? -shubhendu (07/01/15)
  • Passing out of school and entering into a new phase of life i.e graduation can be one of the most crucial phase in anyone life. Most of us are confused about what we want to do in our life. Most of us are driven by the trend. I personally opted for engineering in IT because the sector was at its boom and by the time we passed out there is a flood of IT engineers. So i think in such a situation when you don't know what to do, it is best to take the advise of the experienced people around you and choose the best advise wholeheartedly because ultimately it doesn't matters what you do it is about how you do it. Justify your role wherever you are and what ever course or college you are into and i am sure God has a plan for you ready for your future.
  • RE: Course vs College – Which one should you choose? -sabhyata adhikari (06/30/15)
  • i have got admission in DU motilal nehru college in bcom programme but i want to do economics honbut i am not getting it in DU as my best of four is 90.25% which is less for DU but i will get admission in PU but i want to stay in DU as it is the top university in india
  • RE: Course vs College – Which one should you choose? -PRIYA JOSHI (06/07/15)
  • Good morning everyone

    According to me courses and colleges have there own importance. We can't compare them as every student has his own perspective for career. Opting for either college or course firstly depends on the aggregate percentage you get in your 12th form. Its better to go for regular colleges as your first preference as colleges not only makes you graduate but also build up other skills which adds up and makes your personality more attractive. In colleges you get many career opportunities from placement cell in addition to this you may explore yourself as social activist. In short regular colleges give you many platforms to build your career.
    Now if you dunt score much to make it to the admission queue of college still you have many scope in the form of courses.
    There are many courses available after 10th as well as 12th, which teach you for the purpose of employment only. Various courses offered by IGNOU, NIIT, and other institutes have different different courses. So we can go for course after 12th also as these courses don't last for whole day, you can enroll yourself for degree from open(correspondence) as graduation is must coz it opens more career opportunities after its completion as many companies' eligibility criteria starts from a graduate applicant only.
  • RE: Course vs College – Which one should you choose? -sahil (06/07/15)
  • now i get minimum percentage in 12 class i got 52 percent what i do? nd which course is better for me .. i have commerce stream