Courses and institutes for Geology

Which are the courses that I can opt for to pusue Geology?

• B.Sc. Geology (Hons)
• B.Sc. Applied Geology
• B.Sc. Geology
• M.Sc. Applied Geology
• M.Sc. Applied Geology (Tech)
• M.Sc. Geology
• M.Sc. Geology (Tech)
• M.Sc. Geology and Applied Chemistry
• M.Sc. Marine Geology
• M.Tech. Applied Geology
• Ph.D. Geology
• M.Sc. Agrometerology
• M.Sc. Petroleum Geosciences
• M.Tech. Geoexploration
• M.Tech. Petroleum Geoscience

Which are the top institutes abroad to study Geology?

• University of Arizona
• University of Michigan—Ann Arbor
• Pennsylvania State University—University Park
• University of Texas—Austin
• Stanford University
• California Institute of Technology
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology
• University of Wisconsin—Madison
• University of California—Berkeley
• Harvard University
• University of Washington
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