Courses and remuneration in Geography

Which are the courses that I can opt for to pursue Geography?

• B.A. Geography
• Diploma in Geoinformatics
• M.A. Geography
• M.Phil. Geography
• M.Sc. Applied Geography
• M.Sc. Geoinformatics
• M.Sc. Geography
• Master in Geographic Information Science and Systems
• Master in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Science
• Ph.D. Geo Magnetism
• Ph.D. Geography
• Post Graduate Diploma in Geographical Cartography
• Post Graduate Diploma in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Science

What is the remuneration that I can expect from this field?

• At the starting level you can expect a salary in the range of Rs9000 to 15000 per month.

• There is a great demand for geographers both nationally and globally and therefore career stability is quite high.

• The monthly income also varies according to the professional experience of a person as well as the potential he possesses.

• Private companies pay higher wages as compared to public companies.

• The initial package is not as high as other careers.

• GIS specialised geographers are in great demand as compared to others and are paid highly.
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