Courses in Entertainment industry after graduation in arts

I have done B.A and want to make my career in entertainment industry, which course do you recommend?

Global Entertainment and Music Business: The Master of Arts degree in Global Entertainment and Music Business provides advanced guidelines and techniques to prepare music industry professionals to lead today’s global music industry as visionaries, executives, and entrepreneurs.

Global entertainment and music business master’s students focus on the skills, ideas, and tactics of global business models. They are trained to apply these methodologies and concepts in a more refined manner for the advancement of the entertainment industry

It aims at adapting a modern approach towards global entertainment and music business, helps in strengthening the analytical skills of the students along with building their leadership skills. It also focuses on written, oral and musical skills of the students and drives them to evolve as a business leader. Hence students not only enhance their personal skills but also their professional skills which make them grow as a strong leader in the music industry.
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