Courses in Footwear Technology and their cost

Can I only become a designer after undergoing a footwear technology course or are there any other options available?

- Students who possess good aesthetics sense can pursue their career as designers. Footwear is one of the most important and simply unavoidable accessories and requires sophisticated machinery and skilled technicians and workers to work on them. With international players coming up with their ventures in the market, there is also a requirement of manpower that can be competent in handling sophisticated machineries and other processes related to shoe making. A candidate should have sound knowledge of machines, even if you are entering the market as a manager or supervisor.

- Once you gain enough experience of the market and the knowhow of the industry, you can also set up your own designer label, sportswear label and become an entrepreneur.

- Alternatively, one can also opt to become trade analyst, cost analyst, senior production co-ordinator, sales manager or production manager.

How much would a full time footwear technology course cost to me?

While a full time diploma course would cost somewhere around 10,000 INR, a full time degree course will cost 40,000-60,000 per year depending on the university. M.Sc. in Footwear Technology from School of Engineering and Technology (SOET), IGNOU will cost somewhere around 20,000 INR for the complete course.
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