Courses that I can avail to graduate in environmental engineering

What are the different courses that I can avail to graduate in environmental engineering?

B.Tech in environment engineering can be done as a graduate degree which will allow you to understand regarding the environment and will allow you to help it to grow by finding the solutions of environmental problems. It takes around Rs. 4 Lakh for the complete degree with hostel fees inclusive. Depending on the colleges the fee is either charged semester wise or on yearly basis. There is difference in fee between private and government colleges as private colleges can charge extra depending on the facilities and services being provided by them.
There are courses that can be done after graduation like M.Tech in environmental engineering which will provide more knowledge regarding the courses and effects of different chemicals on ozone layer’s of earth. M.Tech will broaden the mind of the person to make you think about the environment and make you care for it. The overall cost to do the course is around Rs. 3 lakh which is a 2 yrs program.

PG diploma courses are also available in environmental engineering which can be done from government colleges, IITs and NITs with very high competition.
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