Cow Protection Bill - Findings of the 19th Livestock Census of India, 2012

Cow Protection Bill - Findings of the 19th Livestock Census of India, 2012

Question - Cow protection Bill has been passed in several states such as Maharashtra and Haryana. Discuss the findings of the 19th Livestock Census of India, 2012.

The 19th Livestock Census of India, 2012 has provided reassuring data regarding the protection of cows and bovine species.

• According to the census, the number of cows has risen by 7.16% to 216 million since the year 2007

• It is the male of the species which are threatened; numbers of bulls fell by 18.6% to 84 million during the same period

• Male bovines account for 30% of the cattle population only

• Cattle slaughter has been banned in several states, but the census shows encouraging data in support of the opposite

• Cattle are an important economic factor in rural areas; economic implications of banning cow slaughter are many

• Census displays a paradox in that 75% of India’s cattle are female bovines

• This finding is significant as male animals are used for meat while females are valuable for milk
and eggs

• The gender inequity in the cattle population is rising very fast; livestock census shows that millions of male bovines have been culled

• Census data has displayed that the population of male buffaloes fell by 17.8% to 16

• Conversely, the population of females increased by 7.99% to 92 million

• There are 6 female buffaloes as against one male as well

• Rural income will be severely impacted through a ban on cattle slaughter.

• Food processing industry will be impacted by ban on sale of beef too

• Cattle keepers also keep the animals in abysmal conditions; male calves are left to die of hunger and dehydration

• Census shows that state-wise, cattle slaughter is widespread and economic compulsions are far more important than religious beliefs and sentiments
• Legislation banning cow slaughter will also put pressure on the land resources for fodder requirements

Facts and Stats

• Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Bhopal issued a recent report indicating share of draught animals in Indian farms fell from 44% in 1971-9172 to 4% in 2012-2013. There are larger roles for electric appliances such as diesel pumps

• India currently has 299 million cattle needing roughly 30 million hectares for grazing and an equal amount of land for fodder needs

• This is a massive percentage of cropped land which totals 190 million hectares

• India has close to 80 million old cattle that are callously left to die
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