Cricket strokes Indo-Pakistan rivalry amongst kids

Cricket strokes Indo-Pakistan rivalry amongst kids


The India-Pakistan rivalry is a never ending war, it changes state - cold sometimes and heated up the next moment - and always comes about in different forms. Sometimes it is the violation of ceasefire that heats up the differences and when there is nothing of that sort happening, we take it down on India-Pakistan cricket matches. The day after the India-Pakistan world cup match was telecast on 15th February, when ECA researchers talked to children about the match and went on to discus Pakistan and Pakistanis, most of them described how their parents vehemently supported India during the match. What effect will this opposing opinion have for the new generation of country? According to study by Delhi-based Early Childhood Association (ECA) on how early ''the seeds of racism are sown in young children'', the statements made by parents while watching the match seemed to create strong opinion of hatred for Pakistan to be India's enemy.


1. Cricket match between India vs Pakistan influences kids to the greatest extent. Any match between India and Pakistan are watched by an enormous television viewers across the world with the viewpoint as if they are having personal grief against the other team.

2. None of the other major sporting contests in the world pit nation against nation in a way as India vs Pakistan does in cricket. With the case of cricket match where kids start associating the match between the two countries as more of a clash of cultures and religions than sport.

3. The comments by parents during the match relate Pakistan's outlook as terrorists to children. Hard to believe but comments bring out an opinion that all muslims are Pakistanis and fight against India. The innocent minds of children which must be filled with good views and moral values, are filled with these rubbish which will later goes on to produce anxiety.

4. The biases which these children are having are not self-developed by their innocent thoughts but are learnt from others and adopted to their mind as well. This can lead to intolerant society and may create problems for the next generation to accept diversity.

5. Many a times fans and supporters on both sides have taken the rivalry rather personally and have accused players. The cricket matches should only be seen from the viewpoint of entertainment instead personal rivalry. It is good to support our own country but without any hard feelings for the other team.

6. We are not unaware of the pressure caused by such feelings during the match to players and captains of both the team hence they tend to play safe side because the are so worried about the public reactions. Cricketers are scared of the violent response from people after having lost the match.


1. There is a huge history of violence and traumatic separation between the two countries that makes the India-Pakistan cricket match rivalry very different. It is well known by every citizens and the generations to come about the history of rivalry and the cricket matches between the two are sort of an act for reminiscing of past.

2. The winning country's army indulges in some celebratory air-firing at borders to mark the occasion. It is just their way of celebrating the win and kids cannot be expected to learn violence by such acts. Our army is apt in its responsibility of keeping the nation secure from enemies and it is their right to celebrate the victory in their way.

3. In cricket match, the main role is played by viewers and supporters. Their cheers to the supportive team encourage the players to achieve victory. The match is played peacefully and its result is gladly welcomed by both of the teams by shaking hands with the defeated team.

4. People are always of the view that if there is any war without guns between the two countries, it's indeed on the cricket field. People feel satisfied with the cricket match between the two teams and are more anxious about the happenings. It is seen as a mode of entertainment, the result of which never leads to any violence.


This kind of strong opinion may make us anxious because as a human we will have our viewpoints but considering the soft an innocent minds of children, parents should be careful of their responses towards India-Pakistan matches. The parents and teachers should understand that the strong likes and dislikes are ingrained early and can reflect to strong intolerant ideas and deep rooted bias nature in kids. They should be careful at responses, conversations, stories, pictures and exposure of young children both at homes and schools.
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  • RE: Cricket strokes Indo-Pakistan rivalry amongst kids -Deepa Kaushik (03/12/15)
  • The Indo-Pak rivalry is already into the mind of every citizen of both countries. Though the common man in both the countries just demand a peaceful land to reside, still the war has made the scene much ugly for both the nations to have any friendly word in any form.

    When we say kids, the present generation kids are far more brilliant with a widespread knowledge of the worldly happenings, much better than the elders. These kids inculcate their perceived notions from the different sphere of life into their own lives in one or the other form. Cricket being the most popular game, from kids to old age, receive an emotion coated encouragement.

    People get too much involved in to the game of Cricket and the commentary from the elders do influence the kids. The Indo-Pak rivalry gets expressed in the form of views from the older which is grasped by the kids and they start imitating the same emotion. Though the game is played with true sportsmen spirit amongst the players of both the countries, yet people fail to accept the match as a normal game. The victory and failure gets expressed in an aggressive manner.

    It is not the cricket that strokes the Indo-Pak rivalry in to the kids; instead the existing rivalry has eaten up the values and beauty of the game. The kids who are already adulterated with the ill-thoughts for the other country start perceiving and expressing their rage in their most popular game of cricket.
  • RE: Cricket strokes Indo-Pakistan rivalry amongst kids -fh (03/12/15)
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