Cricketers are overpaid.


- In India, cricket is religion and cricketers are considered as gods and we have a tradition of treating gods with royalty. Hence, cricketers are overpaid.

- In today’s date, cricketers are the highest paid players especially in India, where hockey is considered to be the national sports.

- Players are being auctioned (during IPL), so there is obviously competition amongst the franchise to grab the best player by putting in some extra bucks.


- Cricketers are not overpaid but they are paid according to their talent and ability.

- Some cricketers are paid more than others because they deserve every bit of it and it is purely performance basis.

- If we compare cricket to other sports like tennis, golf, football etc then they earn nothing as compared to them, so cricketers are not overpaid.

- The cricketers generate tons of revenue for their respective boards which makes it apt for them to have that extra bit of hike in their income.

- Cricketers play for their respective countries and compete against each other fiercely. Thus, they are paid in accordance to that. Therefore, they are not “overpaid” but just “paid".
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  • RE: Cricketers are overpaid. -vinod jadhav (11/11/15)
  • Cricketers are over-paid really than they deserve in the country where Hockey is it's national game. Because of this young childern and there parents encourage their children only for playing cricket only. And this is why we get less medals in Olymic games, athletic games. so in every game Respective Government should make a standard that everybody should be paid fairly with incentives for the Excellent players.