Cricketers get to earn a lot more than other people

Cricketers get to earn a lot more than other people

Cricketers get to earn a lot more than other people in important professions. Is this unfair or justified? Discuss both the views and take a stand

In the modern times, sports has become extremely popular than ever before and hence there have been a number of young people deciding to have a career in sports with desire to become famous sports professionals and to earn lots money. In India, cricket is more like a religion and cricketers treated as Gods where players get match fees as well as sign lucrative endorsement contracts to promote various products .The advent and success of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is an important pointer in this regard .However, some people consider it unfair that cricket professionals can earn much more money than others in others professions. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of this issue.

On one hand a group of people believe that professionals in some crucial fields deserve to get more money than in cricket, and they have showed several reasons to approve their own opinions. For example, a technology professional can improve the life with their inventions and new high technological applications. A health professional can help their patients the way to achieve good health, get a better life. A leading politician who holds responsibility for governing a country can help to improve their nation's economy, while cricket professionals cannot do the same things.

On the other side, cricket lovers believe that cricketers deserve to be paid well and live life king-size. First of all, cricket professionals are people who are talents at cricket, and the difference from others important professionals is kind of smartness at playing cricket. A lawyer is smart at laws, a musician is smart making music, and cricket professional who is smart at cricket. In addition, like other professionals, cricket professionals also have to learn, practice regularly to be able to become famous and earn lots of money. They have to attend cricket academies, follow fitness regimes, and overcome many logistical & financial problems. Moreover cricket is more of entertainment which people enjoy with family, friends and It makes a dull life better for many cricket enthusiasts. Cricket matches is one of the most popular way to relax and celebrate too and the cricket industry generates billions of dollars each year for the economy.

Actually, high cricket earnings reflect what society value or respect more. Unfortunately, money has become a measure of fame and success. For instance a football star gets more money than a basketball player. A basketball player gets more than a tennis player. A tennis player gets more than a chess champion and the chain goes on to other professionals.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that cricket professionals are genius like other professionals and they deserve to be respected and be paid handsome money. Their super earnings are not determined by considering the contribution to the communities, or the level of responsibility they take .The earnings only reflect the popularity of Cricket as a family sport event in India.
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  • RE: Cricketers get to earn a lot more than other people -Cricketers (03/15/18)
  • Cricket is a religion in India. It has huge fans and followers. Audiences are large in number and so it involves huge money. This is a sheer reason for players being paid handsomely. We can envy them but they deserve to be paid higher as the pressure, stress and competitions are also massive. Players have a short earning span, i.e 10 years and if they won't earn during this period, life would be difficult post retirement.
  • RE: Cricketers get to earn a lot more than other people -Ron (02/08/17)
  • It's unfair.
    Just shoot this cricketers..????????????????
  • RE: Cricketers get to earn a lot more than other people -Ron (02/08/17)
  • It's unfair.
    Just shoot this cricketers..????????????????
  • RE: Cricketers get to earn a lot more than other people -preetham (04/19/15)
  • even scientists earn a lot.
    ipl is a waste and a worst concept introduced in india.
    what is the use ofseeing an ipl match.we already know that people r bought.r they vegetables.we r indians we we should support india in india vs x match.there is no point in supporting csk rcb etc
  • RE: Cricketers get to earn a lot more than other people -Deepa Kaushik (04/18/14)
  • Cricket has gained much popularity today and the cricketers are enjoying their cup of tea in golden cups. Undoubtedly, cricketers are making money of the popularity of the game and the craze of common man. Crazy followers forget to realize the extent of their madness, and their madness often lead to illegal options like betting and fixing.

    Cricketers make handsome money for each game that they play. Winning or losing a match is totally out of question for the cricketers who fix their payment according to the extent of their popularity. The perks like man of the match etc. are the added pocketing for the picked up few.

    Not just this, they get good scope in the modelling industry and get paid well by the various big brands to advertise their brand. They get the payment for being the brand ambassador. Despite having so many opportunities of making money, these players get posted on really high designations in different companies. Their qualification and work efficiency is of least importance, just the tag of their name with the company is the desired output by their management. Cricketers are definitely earning a lot from the popularity of the game.
  • Cricketers get to earn a lot more than other people -Janhvi Johorey (04/04/14)
  • Cricketers get to earn a lot more than other people in important professions. Is this unfair or justified?


    Cricket is a game that is followed with passion and interest by millions of viewers in India and across the world. While players such as Sachin Tendulkar and Sir Garfield Sobers are legends in their own rights, many people question the huge salaries that are given to cricketers apart from their awards and sports endorsements. On the other hand, professionals such as doctors and teachers who are in noble professions are paid very little money compared to them. On the whole, it is justified that cricketers get to earn a more than others in important professions.

    It is unfair that cricketers get to earn more cash

    Cricketers earn thousands of rupees while people in important professions such as scientists and professors barely earn enough to sustain themselves in India. Sportspersons such as celebrities are even given national honours which they capitalize on to pursue lucrative deals and corporate consultancies at a later stage. Giving them huge cash prizes and deals is unfair and unjustified.

    Cricketers do not contribute to social welfare and national progress. Sport is just a form of entertainment and they are merely pandering to those who are looking for the thrill of watching fast pacers and professional batsmen in play. Moreover, irregularities in cricketing events such as the IPL point to the hidden evils of the cricketing world. Cricketers are earning much more than they deserve.

    Cricket is a game and nothing more. Cricketers are given the ability to excel in their field often due to petty politicking. Sometimes, talented players are not given a fair chance. In such a scenario, only the cunning survive. Gambling and match fixing are rampant. Cricketers do not deserve the vast amounts of money they earn over their career

    It is justified that cricketers earn more money

    Cricket is a game which requires a tremendous amount of talent and skill. Cricketers are skilled because they train with regularity. Like any other professional, a cricketer has to undergo tough training before he makes it big. Cricket is a game which requires a lot of hard work, persistence and patience. Cricketers deserve to earn more money than many other people in important professions due to this.

    The importance of cricket as a profession should not be ignored. Cricket provides more than entertainment to people. It is a sports industry which supports manufacturers and retailers of sports goods as well as advertising campaigns of leading businesses. This generates a lot of revenue for the economy. Cricket has great value for many viewers who thrive by seeing this game. Cricket has the ability to give people a good sense of sportsmanship as well. Cricketers are also valuable for society and it is justified that they are earning more than someone who might be in what is considered by some members of society to be an important profession.

    Cricketers train rigorously right from the time when they are very young. They often do not pursue professional degrees or higher education because they want to excel in their field. They need to train very hard right from a tender age if they want to become legends in the field. Such dedication and commitment deserved to be rewarded with lucrative deals, sponsorships and avenues for earning cash.

    Cricketers also have to compromise on their privacy and live under the public eye. They face tremendous strains and pressures. Every match has a meaning for them. If they lose a championship, they face brickbats from an angry public. The tremendous stress and pressure of dealing with the constant media attention and intense public scrutiny is tough. Cricketers should be compensated for this by being able to earn more than people in conventional professions such as doctors or lawyers.

    Cricketers cannot continue to earn money for the rest of their lives from the game. This is because they have to retire at an earlier age than people in other professions such as doctors and lawyers. In some professions, individuals earn even more prizes, honours and higher salaries as they advance through the years. Senior journalists are often given political posts in recognition of their stature. Leading business consultants earn higher salaries as their experience grows. Seasoned surgeons charge more for operations. In such a scenario, it is only fair and justified that cricketers earn more money while they can.

    If cricketers are not given the chance to earn more money, they would abandon the sport entirely. They also need to support their families and provide for old age. They may even join rival countries if there is a lack of opportunities in India. Cricketers should be given adequate opportunities for earning more.


    Cricketers give nation pride, honour and respect when they win international tournaments. It is due to this reason that cricketing should be rewarded. It is justified that cricketers earn more than those in so–called important professions. The rarity of finding a talented player in a sea of hopefuls makes it dually important that cricketers be given ample opportunities and incentives so that they can grow as professionals.