Cultural declination and advancement of civilization

Cultural declination and advancement of civilization


Culture and civilization go hand in hand. Both have a keen interest in involving the human behavior and mannerisms with respect to the growing trends. Both culture and civilization have similar attributes to life, still both get differed in varying degrees in their response to the human lifestyle and standard of living. Culture is the basis which demarcates a specific group of people segregated with respect to smaller areas, whereas the civilization involves a huge geographic area with population having similar mannerisms, art and skills. We can further simplify by calling the culture differentiating various groups of people within the same civilization. With an advancement in the civilization, it is usually visualized that humans have a tendency to lose their culture. This is nothing new to the present era, but the same practice has been followed right from the Old Stone Age civilization.


When we use the term ‘culture’, it has a deep significance in determining the human approach to life. The culture involves the basic utilities of life viz. food, clothing and shelter. Culture involves the languages, art and architecture, music and dance, the various customs, religions and rituals that differ from place to place. The cultural significance for any country has a unique presentation for its nation. The various heritage not only explains its historical significance but they also form a part of the richness of the culture of the country. The culture is a prestigious matter for any nation which indicates the mentality of the people and the tendency of the humans residing in the region.


After the culture, let us briefly perceive the significance of civilization. Civilization is the way of living which includes the society behavior and performance, the abstract tendencies of the human elements, and the usage and development of the natural and the artificial technologies. Civilization is ever changing. The slowness of its evolution cannot be experienced while living in the era. The alterations in the civilization can be understood by going through the history right from the Old Stone Age to the present day Nuclear and Cyber era / civilization. We have grown beyond the metal age and are evolving from the electronic age to the cyber zone.

Though we can divide the world into various civilization with respect to the various differentiating factors, still when we come to the discussion of developing civilization versus culture, then the population of the entire world is gathered under a single arena. The ever developing civilization has definitely created craters into the surface of culture, resulting in its derangement in varied looks and aspects.

Let us discuss the various fields and trance of culture that have got affected by the fast growing civilization.


Let us start with the most ancient and basic requirement of life existence that is food. Agriculture is the basis of any civilization as man depends on food for his living. Agriculture used to be the only means of feed for the humans, who started growing different types of crops. With advancing age, he evolved to flesh-eating, and the present generation has come to the extent that they look down upon this field. Agriculture has equally evolved as a distinct field of science which has its own importance, still the present day youth don’t have any respect to this sector of farming and feeding the society. Though our farmers were praised and respected equivalent to God for feeding the masses throughout the country, yet they have lost their respect and value in the minds of youth of present day.


This is one of the major influencing factors for the dooming culture. The civilization alteration in the industrial sector has created huge employment opportunities. The emergence of the MNCs into the different developing countries has led to the utilization of the manpower across the world. The human resource alias the manpower utilization is the main factor that has increased the value of brain power for developing the economy of the developed countries and this is the ‘brain drain’ for the developing and under developed countries who fail to value the human brain due to the lack of sufficient finance. This industrialization has led to the marked decrease in the small scale and cottage industries which were a part of the culture of ancient age. The home-made products and the handicrafts have failed to have their stand in comparison to the machine made products, may it be edibles, or clothing, or other utilities for the day-to-day life.


The society includes togetherness, the bonding and interaction of the humans in the atmosphere with the biotic and the abiotic species, the usage of the dialect, the family values and much more. All these factors are a rich part of the culture. The culture indicates the firm bonding with respect to the affection, the togetherness in celebration and festivities, which are the basic family values of unity and compromise. This has changed drastically and evolved into the small units of nuclear family structure, losing the charming note of affection and warmth.

With the advanced civilization, people have even forgotten the pride using their own dialect and find a false prestige in copying the fashionable speech of the English language. People fail to address each other in their own language despite the good knowledge of their mother tongue. They look down upon speaking their own language.


The lifestyle with respect to the clothing and standard of living has evolved from the era of earthen pots to the stainless steel and plastic utensils for the microwave, from the covered clothing to the undue exposure leading to over socializing, attraction and increased cases of sexual abuse, the age old home remedies to the advanced medical field. We have failed to perceive the importance of the home remedies, the nutritious food items, and the importance of usage of earthenware.

We find false pride in using the advanced sophisticated technologies like air-conditioner, television, internet, social media and various telecommunicating devices. We have been carried away by their fascinating influence whereby we don’t care to acknowledge its harmful effects for human beings as well as the atmosphere.

Despite the craze for certain sports like cricket, people by far prefer to enjoy seeing the sports as an audience instead of indulging in the physical activity. Though the advanced civilization has generated automated devices for exercising and even for walking like tread mill, still people don’t have enough time to advocate towards these important requirements governing their health.


We can conclude the discussion in a small paragraph here, but the debate is endless demanding the importance of culture in comparison to the advancing civilization. There are numerous examples and activities to enlist the importance of the growing civilization comforting the human life and soothing the lifestyle. Still no body can deny the ill-effects and the irreparable impacts of this fast evolution, an important example being the ‘hole that we have created in the ozone layer’. The damage to the culture is really upsetting. This is high time to look back to the high values of our ancient culture and imbibe the rich values in them and incorporate the same to the present era for a healthy and long-lasting life.
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