Current Affairs Questions and Answer - July 25, 2015

Current Affairs Questions and Answer - July 25, 2015

Q1. On 23 July 2015 which state has approved Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Jan Van Vikas Scheme aimed at creation of comprehensive development of villages in the buffer zones of tiger reserves and around them?

A. Maharashtra
B. Gujarat
C. Uttar Pradesh
D. Bihar

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ANSWER: A. Maharashtra

The objectives of schemes are reducing the dependence of villagers on the forest and reduce the man-animal conflict and achieve sustainable development of these villages.

Q2. Name the Earth-like planet discovered recently by NASA’s Kepler Telescope?

A. Kepler-252b
B. NASA-452b
C. Kepler-2015b
D. Kepler-452b

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ANSWER: D. Kepler-452b

Kepler-452b is an exoplanet orbiting the G-class star Kepler-452. It was identified by the Kepler space telescope and its discovery was publicly announced by NASA on 23 July 2015. It is the first near-Earth-size planet discovered orbiting within the habitable zone of a star very similar to the Sun. It is the fourth-most Earth-like exoplanet known to date. The star is 1,400 light-years away from the Solar System; at the speed of the New Horizons spacecraft, about 58,536 km/h (36,373 mph), it would take approximately 25.8 million years to get there.

Q3. On 23rd July’15, which court held that fundamental right given under Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution do not give an institution or a person or a citizen the fundamental right to affiliate or recognition of their institutions within the meaning of the Article 19(6)?

A. Kerala High Court
B. Bombay High Court
C. Supreme Court
D. Delhi High Court

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ANSWER: C. Supreme Court

The ruling was given by the apex court while dismissing a plea of the Kerala-based DM Wayanad Institute of Medical Sciences and others. The petitioners had approached the Supreme Court against the decisions of the Medical Council of India and the Central Government to refuse to recommend renewal of permissions for admitting students for MBBS course at their institute for the academic year 2015-16 following adverse inspection reports.

Q4. Name the 10-year old golf wonder-kid from India who won the IJGA World Stars of Junior Golf event in Las Vegas?

A. Shailesh Kumar
B. Shubham Jaglan
C. Virat Singh
D. Hardeep Kaur

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ANSWER: B. Shubham Jaglan

Shubham Jaglan from Delhi won the IJGA World Stars of Junior Golf event in Las Vegas on 23 July 2015 and just 5-days back he had pulled off a one-stroke win at the Junior World Golf Championships in California.

Q5. Name the world’s first malaria vaccine approved by European Medicines Agency (EMA) on 24th July’15?

A. Insectsirix
B. Pestquirix
C. Mosquirix
D. Fliesquirix

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ANSWER: C. Mosquirix

The scientific name of this vaccine is RTSS while its trade name is “Mosquirix”. It has taken 30 years to develop this vaccine and would be the first licensed human vaccine against a parasitic disease. World’s first-ever malaria vaccine has been developed by British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline in partnership with the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative. The EU regulators also recommended that the vaccine should be licensed for use in babies in Africa at risk of the mosquito-borne disease.

Q6. Name the assistant coach of the Hockey India who resigned from the post citing ‘personal reasons’?

A. Charles Felix
B. Jude Felix
C. Sean Abott
D. David Jude

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ANSWER: B. Jude Felix

Q7. On 24th July’15 the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has struck a "landmark" deal to cut tariffs on $1.3 trillion worth of _________ products.

A. Information Technology
B. Agricultural
C. Nuclear
D. Defence

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ANSWER: A. Information Technology

Under this deal WTO members updated organisation’s 18-year-old Information Technology Agreement (ITA) by adding more than 200 products to the list of goods covered by zero-tariff and duty-free trade.

Q8. To which country the First All Women Trans Continental Road Expedition from Delhi was flagged off on 23 July 2015?

A. Canberra
B. London
C. New York
D. Ottawa

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ANSWER: B. London

The three woman participants, namely Nidhi Tiwari, Rashmi Koppar and Soumaya Goel, will reach United Kingdom in 55 days. During the journey they will cover a distance of 15000 kms via Myanmar, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium and France. This all women team will be travelling in one vehicle without any backup vehicle and the journey will be sponsored by Mahindra First Choice Wheels Limited.

Q9. Name the bank that received a universal banking license from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) last year, will start banking operations from 1st Oct’15?

A. Bandhan Bank
B. Yes Bank
C. IDFC Bank
D. Commercial Bank

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It received in-principle approval for operation in April 2014 and obtained the final approval on 24th July’15.

Q10. Name the publishing group that has announced to sell the Financial Times Group to Japanese media firm Nikkei for £844m in cash?

A. Bennett & Coleman
B. Pearson
C. TATA McGraw Hill
D. Penguin

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ANSWER: B. Pearson

On 23rd July’15 the FT Group’s current owner, Pearson, a British education and media conglomerate, said it would sell the paper to Nikkei for £844m ($1.3 billion).

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