Current Affairs Questions and Answers - August 01, 2015

Current Affairs Questions and Answers - August 01, 2015

Q1. On 31st July’15, Maharashtra govt. announces construction of 800 kms Nagpur-Mumbai expressway. This expressway will also be known as ___________.

A. Vidharbha Marg
B. Marathwada-Vidarbha Expressway
C. Communication Super Expressway
D. Trade Silk Road

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ANSWER: C. Communication Super Expressway

This project would be completed in coming five years and the travel time between the state capital and second capital would be brought down from 14 hours to 10 hours. This super-expressway will become a road to development for the backwards regions of northern Maharashtra, Marathwada and Vidarbha in the state.

Q2. 75th Martyrdom Day of Shaheed Udham Singh was observed on _______.

A. 30th July’15
B. 31st July’15
C. 1st Aug’15
D. 2nd Aug’15

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ANSWER: B. 31st July’15

Udham Singh was a revolutionary and a brave hearted man known for assassinating Michael O'Dwyer on 13 March 1940 avenging the Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre. He was in Jallian wala Bagh and had seen the massacre. On July 31st 1940 he was hanged in England.

Q3. In which city the integrated underwater harbour defence and surveillance system was commissioned on 31st July’15 to strengthen security in the western coastline?

A. Mumbai
B. Kochi
C. Kachh
D. Pondicherry

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ANSWER: B. Kochi

According to Defence sources, this system is first of its kind in the country and also part of Navy’s initiative to strengthen coastal security. The system is capable of detecting, identifying, tracking and generating warning for all types of surface and underwater threats to harbour security. It was designed by Israel Aerospace Industries and consists of advance coastal surveillance radars, sensors and sound navigation and ranging systems. Presence of divers and under water threats could be detected with the help of this automatic system. Such a system is fitted in over 150 locations across the world. Kochi is the first harbour in the country to commission this integrated surveillance system. It will be commissioned in other parts also in the later stage.

Q4. Which day has been declared as National Handloom Day beginning from this year throughout the country?

A. 1st August
B. 2nd August
C. 10th August
D. 7th August

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ANSWER: D. 7th August

The first National Handloom Day will be launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Chennai on 7th August.

Q5. With which country India redrew maps at midnight on 1st August 2015 as 162 enclaves on the border got transferred to respective countries under the 1974 Land Boundary Agreement effected during Prime Minister's Narendra Modi visit to a country in June month?

A. Sri Lanka
B. Pakistan
C. Bangladesh
D. China

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ANSWER: C. Bangladesh

111 Indian enclaves within Bangladesh merged with Bangladesh, and 51 Bangladeshi ones got merged with India. The transfer gave over 50,000 people citizenship of both countries, bringing them access to all legal rights and civic amenities. A joint survey conducted from 6th -16th July gave them choice to decide which country they want to live in. Those who decided to move have been promised safe and secure passage with personal belongings & movable property till November 30th this year. Ban on property sale imposed since 6th July will be lifted to allow those moving, to sell their land.

Q6. As per the Wikileaks website, which country has been spying on Japanese Cabinet Officials, Banks and Companies, including the Mitsubishi Conglomerate?

A. China
B. India
C. Pakistan
D. United States

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ANSWER: D. United States

Documents released by Wikileaks list 35 telephone numbers targeted for interception by the US National Security Agency (NSA). Wikileaks said the surveillance extends back at least eight years. Wikileaks has previously released files showing the US spied on Germany, France and Brazil - like Japan, all allies. There has been no comment from Japan on the latest claims.

Q7. Which state government has instituted a youth award in the name of former President Dr Kalam?

A. Tamil Nadu
B. Kerala
C. Odisha
D. Meghalaya

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ANSWER: A. Tamil Nadu

In a statement issued in Chennai, Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa has said the annual “Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Award” consisting 8 gram gold, Rs 5 Lakh cash and a citation would be given from this year onward on every Independence Day to a person from the state who works with exceptional merit in science, humanities and students welfare. She has also announced that Dr Kalam’s birthday on October 15th would be celebrated as the “Youth Revival Day”.

Q8. As per the statement made by Minister of state for Finance Jayant Singh in the Lok Sabha how many women directors are there in listed companies of the country as on 27th July’15?

A. 267
B. 3785
C. 599
D. 1453

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ANSWER: B. 3785

The Companies Act 2013 provides that every listed company having paid up share capital of 100 crore rupees or more or turnover of 300 crore rupees or more, shall appoint at least one women director.

Q9. Which cricketer has received the Arjuna Award on 31st July’15 which was conferred on him last year?

A. Ravichandran Ashwin
B. M S Dhoni
C. Ravindra Jadeja
D. Virat Kohli

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ANSWER: A. Ravichandran Ashwin

Ashwin was not present during the Award Ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhawan on August 29, 2014 as he was a part of the India ODI team, which was touring England at that time.The bowler from Tamil Nadu has taken 124 wickets in 25 Tests, 139 in 99 ODIs and 26 wickets in 25 T20 internationals.

Q10. Fourteen year old Master Prabhroop Sekhon has clinched two gold medals in 300 metre and 500 metre Roller Skating in the Special Olympics World Summer Games. Which city of India does he belong to?

A. Bokaro
B. Kolkata
C. Jodhpur
D. Lucknow

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ANSWER: D. Lucknow

The event is being held at Los Angeles, USA. Sekhon is a student of ASHA School in Lucknow Cantt where he was coached and selected for various camps at State and National level as one amongst the 241 participants representing India.

Q11. Which city has won the bid to host 2022 Winter Olympic Games?

A. London
B. New Delhi
C. Beijing
D. Durban

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ANSWER: C. Beijing

The Chinese capital beat Almaty, Kazakhstan in a secret ballot of 85 IOC members. Now Beijing will be the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Games. Beijing successfully hosted the Summer Olympics in 2008.

Q12. Name the mobile banking app of Kotak Mahindra Bank (KMB) launched primarily for “un-banked” regions?

A. Kotak Bharat
B. Bharat
C. Kotak India
D. IndianKotak

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ANSWER: A. Kotak Bharat

It is the ‘inclusive digital banking’ app launched by KMB that is primarily targetted to benefit customers in the under-banked and un-banked regions, who can access its services in their preferred language. One major benefit of this app is that it requires no internet connectivity.

Q13. How many Indian companies have been listed in the Forbes Asia Fabulous 50 companies?

A. 7
B. 10
C. 19
D. 23

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These 10 companies are HDFC Bank, TCS, HCL Tech, Aurobindo Pharma, Lupin, Sun Pharma, Motherson Sumi Systems, Tech Mahindra, Tata Motors and Titan.

Q14. What amount of capital would be infused in Public Sector banks by Indian Government over a period of four years to improve capital ratio and fight with rising bad loans?

A. 70,000 Crore
B. 1 Lakh Crore
C. 2 lakh Crore
D. 500 Crore

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ANSWER: A. 70,000 Crore

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