Current Affairs Questions and Answers - August 11, 2015

Current Affairs Questions and Answers - August 11, 2015

Q1. In which of the following regions of Afghanistan, a high intensity earthquake was experienced on 10th Aug’15?

A. Ghazni
B. Hindukush
C. Bamiyan
D. Kabul

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ANSWER: B. Hindukush

Q2. Which of the following parties would celebrate Independence Day as ‘Swaraj Parv’?

B. Congress

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Aam Aadmi Party government has announced that it will celebrate Independence Day as Swaraj Parv with a three-day grand cultural programme planned in Connaught Place. The Swaraj Parv will include Hindi Kavi Sammelan, Urdu Mushaira, qawwali show and musical drama.

Q3. World Bio Fuel Day was observed on ________.

A. 1st Aug
B. 3rd Aug
C. 7th Aug
D. 10th Aug

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ANSWER: D. 10th Aug

On World Bio Fuel Day, Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan launched the four retail outlets of bio fuel blended diesel. Of them, one is in Delhi and other three are in Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada and Haldiya.

Q4. Which university has awarded a Gold Medal to the 23 year old prisoner lodged in Varanasi Central Jail for topping in Diploma in Tourism Studies?

A. Allahabad University
B. Banaras Hindu University

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The inmate is the only gold medalist from Varanasi region of IGNOU, which covers 20 districts. Ajeet Kumar Saroj, a culpable homicide convict was on 8th Aug’15 escorted to the Banaras Hindu University where he was awarded his diploma at the 28th convocation of IGNOU. Ajeet, is serving a 10-year imprisonment. He was lodged in jail in February 2012 and has pursued four certificate courses from IGNOU before pursuing the Diploma in Tourism Studies.

Q5. In Kerala, freedom fighter, Kayyar Kinhanna Rai passed away at his residence in Badiyadkain Kasargod district on 9th Aug’15. He was also a ______.

A. Author
B. Poet
C. Singer
D. Author and Poet

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ANSWER: D. Author and Poet

Mr Rai, aged 101, was recipient of the Karnataka Sahitya Academy award in 1969 and the national award the same year for the best teacher.

Q6. Name the scheme launched by the government on 10th Aug’15 to bring students closer to nature by involving them in raising of saplings in school nurseries?

A. Save Mother Earth Scheme
B. School Nursery Yojana
C. Bal Nursery Yojana
D. Tree Plantation Scheme

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ANSWER: B. School Nursery Yojana

Urging every student to plant a tree each, Mr Javadekar said that every school must earmark space to prepare a small nursery where the saplings could be planted. The Minister also presented a sapling and a packet of seeds to students from each school for planting in their school. He exhorted the students to take the grown sapling planted by them along with their annual results to their homes.

Q7. In Gujarat, Sessions Judge P B Desai, who is conducting trial in the 2002 Gulberg Society riots case, on 10th Aug’15 visited the society in Meghaninagar area Ahmedabad, where 69 persons of the minority community, including former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri, were killed by a mob. Name the judge who visited the same crime scene in 2010?

A. Justice B U Joshi
B. Justice H L Dattu
C. Justice Markandey Katju
D. Justice D K Sinha

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ANSWER: A. Justice B U Joshi

Desai is the second judge in the case who has visited the crime scene. Justice B U Joshi, who was earlier conducting the trial in the case, had also visited the Gulberg Society in 2010. On 10th Aug’15 during the visit, Desai was accompanied by S M Vora, who is an advocate of riot survivors, and special public prosecutor R C Kodekar as well as defence lawyers.

Q8. On 10th Aug’15, Rajasthan High Court banned the Santhara ritual prevailing in the _______.

A. Marwari Community
B. Jain Community
C. Buddhism Community
D. Gurjar Community

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ANSWER: B. Jain Community

The court considered it a criminal act amounting to suicide and directed to register cases under section 306 of IPC. The Court banned this ritual, following a Public Interest Litigation filed by human rights activist a decade ago, claiming that the ritual is a social evil and should be considered as a suicide. The ancient ritual, also called Sallekhana, is the voluntary starvation to embrace death. Jain religious leaders has strongly criticized the court judgement. Reacting to judgement, Tarun Sagarji Maharaj has said that this judgement has been given without properly understanding the principles of Jain Religion.

Q9. Who has won the Best female playback singer award announced by the Kerala State Film Awards 2014?

A. Sunidhi Chauhan
B. Nasriya Naseem
C. Shreya Ghosal
D. Anna Fathima

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ANSWER: C. Shreya Ghosal

Nasriya Naseem won the best actress award for her performance in the films 'Om Shanthi Hosana' and 'Bangalore Days' while Shreya Ghoshaal was adjudged the best female playback singer. Anna Fathima was adjudged the best child actress award.

Q10. Name the senior India hockey player who was suspended on 10th Aug’15 for 9 months for indulging in groupism and creating disharmony within the team?

A. Sardar Singh
B. Gurbaj Singh
C. Manjeet Singh
D. Manpreet Sodhi

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ANSWER: B. Gurbaj Singh

The decision to suspend Gurbaj was taken after a meeting of Hockey India's disciplinary committee headed by Harbinder Singh with the midfielder and former India coach Jude Felix. The coach levelled the charges against Gurbaj in his report after last month's Hockey World League Semifinals in Antwerp, Belgium.

Q11. Name the Australian player who has announced his retirement from International Cricket after playing the current Ashes series?

A. Steve Smith
B. Mitchell Stark
C. Michael Clarke
D. Michael Hussy

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ANSWER: C. Michael Clarke

Australia captain Michael Clarke will retire from international cricket at the end of the current Ashes series. He averages only 16 from eight innings and Australia are 3-1 behind with one match left at The Oval on 20 August 2015.

Q12. Name the Indian socio-biologist who was awarded with the Germany's highest civilian honour Cross of Order of the Merit at the German Consulate in Bengaluru on 7th Aug’15?

A. Raghavendra Gadagkar
B. Tejaskar Pandey
C. Dr. Sangita Pandey
D. None of these

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ANSWER: A. Raghavendra Gadagkar

Gadagkar is a professor at the Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science (IISc). He is also the president of the Indian National Science Academy and has published more than 270 research papers and two books.

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