Current Affairs Questions and Answers - August 23 & 24, 2015

Current Affairs Questions and Answers - August 23 & 24, 2015

Q1. For which community, Gujarat Chief Minister ruled out reservation in the state?

A. Patel
B. Modi
C. Vaghela
D. Shastri

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ANSWER: A. Patel

This was indicated by the state Government in a full page advertisement published in the leading news papers of the state. Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel has also issued similar audio visual message on the electronic media ahead of rally called by Patidar community on next Tuesday to press their demand for reservation. In a bullet point advertisement, Government says that the 1992 Supreme Court verdict limits reservation provision only up to 50 per cent in any state. According to advertisement, Gujarat has 27 per cent reservation for OBCs and 15 per cent and 7 per cent for STs and SCs respectively.

Q2. Which country has announced that it will return more than 4,000 archaeological artefacts to Ecuador and Peru?

A. Brazil
B. Argentina
C. Venezuela
D. Paraguay

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ANSWER: B. Argentina

President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said the pieces had been stolen and should be returned to their rightful owners. Ms Fernandez urged other countries to follow the example. The announcement was made during a ceremony in Buenos Aires, in the presence of the Ecuadorean and Peruvian ambassadors.

Q3. After how many years (approx.) British Embassy in Iran has reopened in the year 2015?

A. Five
B. Seven
C. Three
D. Four
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The UK embassy was closed in 2011 after it was stormed by protesters during a demonstration against sanctions. Mr Hammond is the first UK Foreign Secretary to visit Iran since 2003. The visit comes weeks after Iran reached a deal with six world powers aimed at curbing its nuclear programme.

Q4. Which state is becoming the first state in the country to launch ‘agro-solar policy’ to encourage the farmers to tap the solar energy?

A. Maharashtra
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Gujarat
D. Odisha

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ANSWER: C. Gujarat

According to Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute -GERMI, the farmers and power generation companies will be in a win-win situation with generation of solar energy in agricultural fields. Farmers can use the solar energy for their own purpose and sell the surplus energy to the state run power generation companies. Director of GERMI Mr. T. Harinarayana has said that power generation companies will set up solar photo voltaic SPV -plants in different farms fields for this purpose. These SPV plants were already tested in different agricultural universities in the State. The solar photo-voltaic plant will be set up on poles so that farmers can also grow their crops. Farmers are likely to get 30 to 40 per cent share from the profit of power generation companies.

Q5. Which of the following has commissioned the first ever Hydro-power plant in the city?

A. Dehradun Sinchai Vibhag
B. Delhi Jal Board
C. Garhwal Jal Board
D. Mandi Jal Board

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ANSWER: B. Delhi Jal Board

The power plant has been set up at Chilla, which will be run through the Hydraulic Turbine propelled by treated effluents coming out of a Sewerage Treatment Plant. An official release said, the treated effluents fall through the height of 4.8m which, due to created pressure and velocity, leads to the rotation of the turbine thereby generating power. It is a Pilot Project which has been set up free of cost and will produce 20,000 KWH of electricity per year. It said, no fossil fuel is being used in the generation of the power, therefore this technology is termed as pollution free technology.

Q6. Name the athlete who won the world 100 metre title in World Athletic Championship in Beijing on 23rd Aug’15?

A. Justin Gatlin
B. Usain Bolt
C. Andre De Grasse
D. Trayvon Bromell

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ANSWER: B. Usain Bolt

This was his ninth world championship title, more than any athlete in history. He completed the race in 9.79 seconds.

Q7. Name the team that won the Pro-Kabaddi League (PKL) title for 2015 on 23rd Aug’15?

A. Jaipur Pink Panthers (Jaipur)
B. Bengaluru Bulls (Bengaluru)
C. U Mumba (Mumbai)
D. None of these

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ANSWER: C. U Mumba (Mumbai)

U Mumba won the STAR Sports ProKabaddi League’s second season as they defeated Bengaluru Bulls team in the final match.

Q8. In how many years Global Oil Prices sank to a low of $40 per barrel on 22nd Aug’15?

A. 4 years
B. 5 years
C. 6 years
D. 8 years

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ANSWER: C. 6 years

The price of oil in the U.S. slipped below $40 a barrel for the first time since 2009 amid a growing consensus that cheap crude is here to stay.

Q9. In which of the following country women will be able to vote and run in elections held in December 2015, marking a step forward for proponents of women's rights in a country that has received heavy criticism for its treatment of women?

A. Saudi Arabia
B. Turkey
C. Pakistan
D. Tajikistan

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ANSWER: A. Saudi Arabia

According to a Saudi government website Official voter registration began on 22nd Aug’15, and candidate registration begins on August 30. Both days will mark firsts for women in Saudi Arabia gearing up to participate in elections in December. Women will only participate in elections at the municipal level.

Q10. Who has received the 'Asian of the Year 2014' award by leading Singapore daily The Straits Times, on behalf of Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

A. Smriti Irani
B. S Jayashanker
C. Sushma Swaraj
D. Vijay Singh Thakur

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ANSWER: D. Vijay Singh Thakur

Vijay Singh Thakur is India’s high Commissioner to Singapore. Mr Modi was given the award in December 2014 for putting focus on India's development and getting the world "excited" about the prospects of the country again.

Q11. ‘Chengalikodan Banana’ has been accorded Geographical Indication (GI) status by the Central GI Registry. This banana is uniquely grown in which state?

A. Andhra Pradesh
B. Karnataka
C. Kerala
D. Tamil Nadu

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ANSWER: C. Kerala

Geographical Indication is an insignia on products having a unique geographical origin and evolution over centuries. Darjeeling tea was the first agricultural product in India to be accorded with GI tag. At present there are 200 products registered as GI.

Q12. Name the micro finance company that becomes the first to start operation as a commercial bank?

A. PayTm Bank
B. Vodafone m-Pesa Bank
C. Yes Bank
D. Bandhan Bank

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ANSWER: D. Bandhan Bank

Bandhan is the first micro-finance company to transform into a bank. Reserve Bank of India has turned liberal in doling out banking licenses to entities of different capabilities. It has just issued 11 in-principle licenses to set up payments banks. Bandhan Bank will primarily cater to the unorganized sector like daily wage earners and women running small businesses -- the segments that had been its borrowers for a decade. As a bank, it will also offer savings, remittance and insurance services and try to raise its stake in the bottom of the pyramid customers.

Q13. For which of the following Income Tax Department has to open special return counters?

A. Defence Personnel
B. Salaried Tax Payers
C. Pensioners
D. Differently-abled Persons

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ANSWER: B. Salaried Tax Payers, C. Pensioners. & D. Differently-abled Persons

Salaried tax payers and pensioners with annual income upto five lakh rupees and with no refund claim can file their returns at these counters upto 31st Aug’15. However, the income limit of 5 lakh rupees and no claim refund provision will not apply to tax payers over the age of 80 years deriving salary or pension income. There will be special facilitation counters for senior citizens and differently-abled persons. An official release said similar facilitation counters are being set up in other metro cities based on the local requirements.

Q14. Name the committee that recommended that granting relief to FIIs on Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) will be a positive thing for the market?

A. C Rangarjan Committee
B. Bimal Jalan Committee
C. AP Shah Committee
D. K N Desai Committee

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ANSWER: C. AP Shah Committee

The AP Shah committee on minimum alternate tax (MAT) has recommended to the finance ministry that the levy shouldn't be imposed for the period preceding April 1, 2015. The panel, headed by Law Commission Chairman A P Shah, was set up to resolve the dispute between FIIs and the government after notices were served to 68 FIIs by the Income Tax Department demanding Rs 602 crore as MAT dues.

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