Current Affairs Questions and Answers - August 25, 2015

Current Affairs Questions and Answers - August 25, 2015

Q1. The National Green Tribunal has asked Delhi Government to stop unauthorized sand mining on the ________ riverbed.

A. Yamuna
B. Ganga
C. Indus
D. Kosi

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ANSWER: A. Yamuna

The tribunal came down heavily on the Delhi government for permitting sand mining in the name of dredging and directed the concerned authorities to stop illegal mining on the Yamuna river bed and its surrounding areas.

Q2. Name the President of Seychelles who will arrive in New Delhi on 25th Aug’15 on a three-day visit to India?

A. James Alix Michel
B. Alexis Tsipras
C. Joel Morgan
D. Jean Paul Adam

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ANSWER: A. James Alix Michel

Mr. Michel's visit comes five months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Seychelles during which a number of agreements were signed to boost cooperation in a range of areas. It was first visit by an Indian Prime Minister to the country in 34 years. Mr. Michel had earlier paid state visits to India in 2005 and 2010, apart from participating in the Delhi Sustainable Development Summits in 2011 and 2012.

Q3. Who has asked both India and Italy to "suspend" all court proceedings involving two Italian marines charged with killing of two Indian fishermen in 2012 and also refrain from initiating new ones that might "aggravate or extend" the dispute?

A. United States
B. UN Court
C. G-20 Countries
D. G5 countries

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The 21-member UN-mandated court located in the German city Hamburg issued the order with 15 in favour and six against. Unhappy over India's handling of the marine's issue, Italy took the matter to the ITLOS challenging Indian jurisdiction in the case. It has pleaded that India must cease to exercise any form of jurisdiction over the Enrica Lexie Incident and the Italian Marines, including any measure of restraint with respect to Sergeant Latorre and Sergeant Girone. The two marines, who were on board ship 'Enrica Lexie', are accused of killing two Indian fishermen on February 15, 2012 off the Kerala coast.

Q4. With which country has India signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the construction of cross-border petroleum pipeline at the Ministry for Commerce and Supplies on 24th Aug’15?

A. Myanmar
B. Bangladesh
C. China
D. Nepal

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ANSWER: D. Nepal

The proposed 41-km Amlekhgunj-Raxaul pipeline is expected to ease transportation of fuel and eliminate the country’s dependence on oil tankers. Under the first phase of the project, a pipeline will be laid from Raxaul to Amlekhgunj, and under the second phase, it will be extended to Kathmandu. Re-engineering of the Amlekhgunj depot and allied facilities are among the packages of the project. Following the agreement, two separate agreements, business-to-business and modus operandi (operation modality), will also be signed between sole supplier Indian Oil Corporation (IOC)and Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC).

Q5. Which country’s Prime Minister became the first PM to visit the resting place of Indigenous land rights campaigner Eddie Koiki Mabo?

B. Australia
C. India
D. Japan

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ANSWER: B. Australia

Tony Abbott has become the first Australian Prime Minister to visit the resting place of Indigenous land rights campaigner Eddie Koiki Mabo. The Prime Minister is in the Torres Strait as part of an election promise to spend one week each year in a remote Australian Indigenous community. During his stay, Mr Abbott said he would be focussing on education, health and border security in the Strait. He laid a wreath on Mr Mabo's grave on Mer Island. Mr Mabo died in 1992 just months before his 10-year legal battle for native title rights proved successful.

Q6. The ‘Legion d'honneur’ award is the highest award of which of the following countries?

A. Brazil
B. Spain
C. Greece
D. France

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ANSWER: D. France

In France, 3 Americans and a Briton who foiled a suspected terror attack on a train have received France's top honour from President Francois Hollande. Mr Hollande presented Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler and Briton Chris Norman with the Legion d'honneur at the Elysee Palace on 24th Aug’15.

Q7. On 24th Aug’15 which Community protested in Rajasthan by taking out silent procession at many places against recent Rajasthan High Court order on ‘Santhara’ ritual?

A. Jain
B. Marwari
C. Gujjar
D. Meena

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Santhara, also known as sallekhana, is a Jain ritual of giving up food and water until one's last breath to attain moksha. The Rajasthan High Court, has labelled the practice as suicide while hearing a public interest litigation early this month.

Q8. In which of the following cities the war museum has been established to mark the Golden Jubilee celebration year of 1965 war between India and Pakistan?

A. Ladakh
B. Srinagar
C. Jaipur
D. Jodhpur

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ANSWER: D. Jodhpur

In Rajasthan, Indian Army has established ‘Jaisalmer War Museum’ at Military Station of Jaisalmer to showcase the traditional bravery of the Indian Army and also to commemorate the sacrifice of its heroes displaying valour and courage of exceptional order during India’s wars.

Q9. Which of the following companies has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Andhra Pradesh government to launch the 'Smart Village' programme in Vijayawada?

B. Tata Trust
C. L&T Infra.
D. Adani Builders

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ANSWER: B. Tata Trust

On 24th Aug’15 Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu released the micro planning development project details prepared by Tata Trust aimed at developing 264 villages in the Vijayawada Lok Sabha Constituency which it has adopted under Corporate Social Responsibility.

Q10. What amount has been fixed by the government as a target of loan disbursement under Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (PMMY) to small business units during the current fiscal?

A. 1.22 Lakh Crore
B. 3.65 Thousand Crore
C. 500 Crore
D. 980 Crore

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ANSWER: A. 1.22 Lakh Crore

A Finance Ministry statement said that the banking sector has been allocated an overall disbursement target of Rs 1,22,188 crore during 2015-16 for MUDRA loans and the banks have already disbursed Rs 15,566 crore as on August 17 to more than 20 lakh borrowers under PMMY. The statement said, while lending, priority will be given to SCs/STs enterprises. The PMMY provide loans between Rs 50,000-Rs 10 lakh to small entrepreneurs. The Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Ltd , MUDRA, launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in April this year, focuses on the over 5 crore self-employed who use funds of Rs 11 lakh crore and provide jobs to 12 crore people.

Q11. Which country has won the Ashes Test Series that ended on 23rd Aug’15?

A. India
B. Australia
C. England
D. None of these

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ANSWER: C. England

In the Ashes, Australia defeated hosts England by an innings and 46 runs to win the final Test of the 5-match series at the Oval. England had already clinched the series with victories in three of the first four games.

Q12. Which of the following bowlers was fined for 65 per cent of his match fee for breaching the ICC Code of Conduct twice on 23rd Aug’15?

A. Bhomesh Kumar
B. Mitchell Johnson
C. Ishant Sharma
D. None of these

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ANSWER: C. Ishant Sharma

Indian fast bowler Ishant Sharma was fined 65 per cent of his match fee for breaching the ICC Code of Conduct twice during the fourth day in the second cricket Test against Sri Lanka at P Sara Oval in Colombo. Ishant was charged with breaching the ICC Code of Conduct which relates to using language, actions or gestures which disparage or which could provoke an aggressive reaction from a batsman upon his dismissal during an International Match on both the occasions.

Q13. Name the state that has announced the world’s largest solar power station of 750 Mega Watts (MW) capacity to be established in one of its state’s district?

A. Uttar Pradesh
B. Gujarat
C. Madhya Pradesh
D. Bihar

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ANSWER: C. Madhya Pradesh

On 23rd Aug’15 it was announced by the MP’s Energy Minister that state would host the world’s largest 750 Mega Watts (MW) solar power station. The project, named Rewa Ultra Mega Solar, will be a joint venture of Solar Energy Corporation of India and MP Urja Vikas Nigam, wherein both parties have 50% stake. At present the world’s largest solar power project located at Mojave Deserts in California, United States named as Ivanpah Solar Power Facility of 392 MW.

Q14. Which is /are the following reasons for the BSE Sensex to fall by 1624.51 pints and close at 25,741.56 on 24th Aug’15?

A. Economic Crisis in Greece
B. Slowing Chinese economy
C. Devaluation of Chinese currency
D. Bailout of Greece Economy

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ANSWER: B. Slowing Chinese economy & C. Devaluation of Chinese currency

Global bourses crashed on 24th Aug’15 following weeks of reports regarding China’s low economic growth as its consumption story further faltered. This fall was the biggest since 21 January 2008 when the Sensex crashed by 2,062.2 points.

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