Current Affairs Questions and Answers - August 30 & 31, 2015

Current Affairs Questions and Answers - August 30 & 31, 2015

Q1. On 31st Aug’15, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will release a special digital version of epic Ramcharitmanas produced by All India Radio. When was the Ramcharitmanas composed for the first time at Akashvani?

A. 1950
B. 1980
C. 1999
D. 2010

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ANSWER: B. 1980

The Ramcharitmanas was composed and recorded for the first time in 1980 at Akashvani Bhopal.

Q2. Sanskrit Diwas was observed on _____.

A. 28th Aug’15
B. 29th Aug’15
C. 30th Aug’15
D. 31st Aug’15

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ANSWER: C. 30th Aug’15

To mark the 'Sanskrit Diwas' celebrations public broadcaster Doordarshan News has launched an exclusive Facebook page and a Twitter handle in that language.

Q3. Name the president of the 70th Session of UN General Assembly on a two day visit to India from 30th Aug’15?

A. Poul Nyrup Rasmussen
B. Ban Ki Moon
C. Condalisa Rice
D. Mogens Lykketoft

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ANSWER: D. Mogens Lykketoft

Mr. Lykketoft was unanimously elected by the General Assembly as the President of the 70th Session on 15th June this year and is scheduled to assume his new responsibilities with the commencement of the Session from 15th of next month. Earlier, Mr. Lykketoft was the Speaker of the Danish Parliament and has served as Finance Minister and Foreign Minister of Denmark.

Q4. Name the Prime Minister of Malaysia against whom the people held protests in Kuala Lumpur and demanded resignation over financial scandal?

A. Najib Razak
B. Abdul Rahman
C. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
D. Hussein Onn

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ANSWER: A. Najib Razak

Protesters slept out overnight in Kuala Lumpur after the first day of a rally that has brought into the streets a political crisis triggered by reports of a mysterious transfer worth more than 600 million dollars into an account under Mr Najib's name. Mr Najib, who has denied any wrongdoing, has sacked his deputy and ministers who had questioned him.

Q5. Name the U.S. National Security Adviser to arrive Islamabad on a previously unannounced visit for talks with senior Pakistani government and military officials on 30th Aug’15?

A. Richard Rahul Paul
B. Hillary Clinton
C. Susan Rice
D. Samantha Daniel

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ANSWER: C. Susan Rice

The US State Department said the talks were expected to focus on mutual interests and areas of concern, particularly terrorist and militant attacks emanating from Pakistani soil. Rice also is likely to discuss Pakistan's role in Afghanistan's effort to negotiate peace with the Taliban and a recent rise in tensions between Islamabad and New Delhi.

Q6. Name the tropical storm that weakened over Cuba, after bringing death and destruction in the Caribbean to Dominica and Haiti?

A. Soulder
B. Erika
C. Katrina
D. La Nino

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ANSWER: B. Erika

The National Hurricane Center in Miami said that while the storm has weakened, it could rebuild as it passes over the Gulf of Mexico. Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency on 28th Aug’15.

Q7. Which of the following countries is recognised as the largest groups coming into the United States, according to the US Census Bureau research release in May’15?

A. Mexico
B. China
C. India
D. Colombia

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ANSWER: A. Mexico

Mexicans still dominate the overall composition of immigrants in the US, accounting for more than a quarter of the foreign-born people. But of the 1.2 million newly arrived immigrants in the US, legally and illegally counted in the 2013 census, China led with one lakh and 47 thousand, followed by India with one lakh and 29 thousand and Mexico with 125,000. Immigrants from China and India have overtaken Mexicans as the largest groups coming into the United States. The shift has been building for more than a decade and experts say it's bringing more highly skilled immigrants in the US.

Q8. At which place, has a team of NASA's six people shut itself inside a dome for a year, in the longest US isolation experiment aimed at helping NASA prepare for a pioneering journey to Mars?

A. Greenland
B. Hawaii
C. Alaska
D. Florida

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ANSWER: B. Hawaii

The crew includes a French astrobiologist, a German physicist and four Americans - a pilot, an architect, a doctor/journalist and a soil scientist. They are based on a barren, northern slope of Mauna Loa, living inside a dome that is 11 metres in diameter and about six metres tall. In a place with no animals and little vegetation around, they closed themselves in on 28th Aug’15 at 3 pm Hawaii time, marking the official start to the twelve months mission.

Q9. Name the former vice-chancellor of Kannada University who was shot dead in Dharwad district of Karnataka on 30th Aug’15?

A. Dr. M.M. Kalburgi
B. Dr. M.K. Sinha
C. Dr. Yesho Yarlagadda
D. Dr. Hemant Rao

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ANSWER: A. Dr. M.M. Kalburgi

He was shot dead by unidentified persons at his residence in Dharwad and rushed to the civil hospital, where he was declared dead. The 77 year old Kannada epigraphist and renowned scholar of vachana literature Kalburgi was awarded the Sahitya Akademi award, Nrupatunga Award and Pampa award for his contribution to Kannada literature.

Q10. On which of the following the United States has extended the anti-dumping duty for another five years?

A. Indian Alphonso
B. Indian Potato
C. Indian preserved Mushroom
D. Indian Tea

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ANSWER: C. Indian preserved Mushroom

'Preserved mushrooms' refer to mushrooms that have been prepared or preserved by cleaning, blanching, and sometimes slicing and cutting. Mushrooms are very nutritious, rich in proteins, fibre and have folic acid content that is uncommon in vegetables and amino acids which are usually absent in cereals. An official in Delhi has confirmed that the US International Trade Commission has extended the restrictive duty on the Indian commodity for five years. The move is likely to impact domestic exporters as the US is a major export destination for India. In 2014-15, India exported mushrooms worth 16.08 million dollars and during April-May this fiscal the exports aggregated at 1.63 million dollars.

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