Current Affairs quiz, Aug 21, 2013

Current Affairs quiz, Aug 21, 2013

1. __________________ was sworn in as interim Vice President for foreign relations of Egypt.

a.) Mohammed Morsi
b.) Mohammed ElBaradei
c.) Adly Mansour
d.) Nabil Fahmy

2. Satyapal Dang, the politician, passed away in Amritsar on ____________________.

a.) 15th June 2013
b.) 15th July 2013
c.) 15th June 2012
d.) 20th June 2013

3. Subhash Yadav was the Deputy CM of which state?

a.) Bihar
b.) Orissa
c.) Madhya Pradesh
d.) Andhra Pradesh

4. Sudhakar Bokade, who passed away in Mumbai on 8th July 2013 was associated with which profession?

a.) Film making
b.) Acting
c.) Singing
d.) Choreography

5. With which sport is Confederations cup associated?

a.) Cricket
b.) Badminton
c.) Hockey
d.) Football

6. Which out of the following things did Douglas Engelbart invent?

a.) Mouse
b.) Printer
c.) Camera
d.) Keyboard

7. Elbegdorj Tsakhia, is the president of which country?

a.) Mongolia
b.) Syria
c.) Kenya
d.) Ghana

8. “Mukhyamantri Bijli Bachat Lamp Yojana” for energy conservation is associated with which state?

a.) Rajasthan
b.) Bihar
c.) Punjab
d.) Chattisgarh
e.) Gujarat

9. MS Swaminathan award is associated with _______________.

a.) Fishery
b.) Poultry
c.) Agriculture
d.) Industrialisation

10. With which of the following ministries is “Nirmal Gram Puraskar” associated?

a.) Rural Development
b.) Women Empowerment
c.) Child Education
d.) Environment and Forest

11. When is the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking observed?

a.) June 20
b.) June 24
c.) June 26
d.) June 30

12. In which state is Pipavav port located?

a.) Maharashtra
b.) Gujarat
c.) West Bengal
d.) Goa

13. Who won the Men’s doubles title in Wimbledon Championship 2013?

a.) Robin Haase and Igor.
b.) Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi
c.) Bob and Mike Bryan
d.) None of the above

14. Who won the Women’s doubles title in Wimbledon Championship 2013?

a.) Peng and Marion Shuai
b.) Su-Wei Hsieh and Peng Shuai
c.) Casey Dellacaqua and Su Wei Hsieh
d.) None of the above

15. What is the name of Fast Patrol Vessel launched by Cochin Shipyard Limited?


16. Tagore Award is instituted for –

a.) Cultural Harmony
b.) National Harmony
c.) Poetic Creations
d.) Best Writings in Bengali

17. When were National Youth Awards instituted?

a.) 1980
b.) 1982
c.) 1985
d.) 1990

18. When did ITDC come into existence?

a.) 1960
b.) 1962
c.) 1965
d.) 1966

19. 11th July is observed as _______________.

a.) World Population Day
b.) Anti Tobacco Day
c.) Green Earth Day
d.) World Youth Day

20. In which year was Bharat Ratna conferred on Nelson Mandela?

a.) 1988
b.) 1990
c.) 1992
d.) 1995

21. Which ore is found in the Niyamgiri Hilla of Odisha?

a.) Bauxite
b.) Iron
c.) Silver
d.) Magnesium

22. When does USA celebrate its Independence Day?

a.) July 2
b.) July 3
c.) July 4
d.) July 6

23. Who won the Men’s Singles Title in Wimbledon Championship – 2013?

a.) Roger Federer
b.) Rafael Nadal
c.) Andy Murray
d.) Daniel Nestor

24. Who won the Women’s Singles Title in Wimbledon Championship -2013?

a.) Serena Williams
b.) Venus Williams
c.) Marion Bartoli
d.) Sania Mirza

25. Where is “Rajaji National Park” located?

a.) Rajasthan
b.) Uttarakhand
c.) Uttar Pradesh
d.) Madhya Pradesh

26. When was ICAI established?

a.) 1943
b.) 1947
c.) 1949
d.) 1950

27. “World Investment Report” is published by –

a.) World Bank
b.) IMF
d.) WTO

28. Who won the FIFA Confederations Cup 2013?

a.) Brazil
b.) Germany
c.) Italy
d.) Spain

29. Which country is the 28th member of European Union?

a.) Yugoslavia
b.) Croatia
c.) Switzerland
d.) Portugal

30. Host of ICC World T20 Cricket Cup Tournament – 2016 –

a.) India
b.) Pakistan
c.) Srilanka
d.) Australia


1. b
2. a
3. c
4. a
5. d
6. a
7. a
8. a
9. c
10. a
11. c
12. b
13. c
14. b
15. a
16. a
17. c
18. d
19. a
20. b
21. a
22. c
23. c
24. c
25. b
26. c
27. c
28. a
29. b
30. a
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