Curriculum involved in Education management

What is the Curriculum involved in Education management?

-Distance Learning: Recent Trends and Future Prospects
-Fund Raising
-Competitive Strategies & Marketing in the Higher Education Institutes
-The Importance of Science in National Development
-University Involvement in the Community
-Knowledge Management
-Communication Skills
-Resource Development Plan
-Introduction to Resource Development
-The Israeli Model for Budgeting Higher Education Institutes
-Initiating Change at University Contexts - A Human Resources Perspective
-The Impact of Technology on the Future of the University
-Developing a University
-Higher Education in the 21st Century: International Perspectives
-Marketing Universities Abroad

What is the expected outcome after training in Education management field?

-To put into practice the skills and professional knowledge they have acquired.
-You as a graduate is expected to have deepened their appreciation of the interconnectedness of their administration.
-To use their academic qualifications to full use.
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