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  • Telecom testing profile - CV sample and formats

    Manoj KUMAR,
    Phone: +9191.....................
    DATE OF BITRTH : 13th November, 19..
    Linguistic Languages: English, Hindi
    Qualification: B.E.

    Experience Summary

    Two years of experience in Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Telecom software Development projects for TCS-Ericsson.

    Work Details:
    Employer: ABC Ltd.
    Job Title: Assistant Systems Engineer
    Start Month/Year: 30th September, 2008
    City: Bangalore, India

    Current Role Description: Developer

    My current role as a Developer in ABC Ltd under is to design and develop features and tools requested from the client as well as based on internal project demands.

    I'm currently in the Wireless Custom Development (WCD) Team, and my responsibilities include:
    -Design and implementation of requested feature from client.
    -Testing and support for bug fix.

    Technical skills

    -2 yearsof experience in C/C++.
    -Experience on SDLC water-fall and Agile model.
    -Experience on DMS Platform, PROTEL programming Language.
    -Telecom Protocols conceptual knowledge on SIP, H.248, ISUP, SS7, WIN, NOIS, IOS, IS-41.
    -Experience in JAVA (core) [CATT simulation tool]
    -Developed tools in TCL/TK.
    -UNIX shell programming.

    Domain / Areas

    -CDMA Wireless Custom Development, Versatile Service Engine (VSE) platform for CDMA network.
    -Application Communication Network used as Communication Protocol Stack between nodes in Nortel (now Ericsson) CDMA Network.
    -Conceptual Knowledge on Telecom protocols.
    -Domain Knowledge of MTX (Mobile Telephone Exchange) Architecture.
    -Contribution in HLD’s and Estimates of the feature.
    -Experience in support for DI Large Office/Product Verification Team for bug fixing.Experience in Development of various features requested by clients.
    -Experience in Test Case preparation for various features.
    -Experience in Quality Center for requirement mapping and test case execution tracking.
    -Use of Clarify tool for defect reporting and tracking.

    Employment Summary

    ABC Ltd Ltd-September 30th, 2008 to till date.

    Career Profile

    Roles &Responsibilities ( for various features worked on)

    -Development in SDLC Water-fall and Agile Model.
    -Sourcing of patches.
    -Testing (Design and Unit)
    -Support for the CR (Bugs).
    -MegacoH.248, SIP and SDP Protocol, ISUP, SS7, WIN, NOIS and IOS Protocol for the feature.
    -Support for the new codec EVRC-NW feature to improve audio quality.
    -SANITY Test suite Prime.
    -Quality Assurance, to verify and maintain documents (HLD, DD etc.) as per quality standards.

    Since Sep 2011- till date:
    Project : MTX WCD Source – Offshore
    Client: …………
    Feature Name: EVRC-NW
    Key Roles : Developer, Tester, Process Compliance & Quality Assurance.

    Since Jan 2011 - Aug 2011:
    Project : MTX WCD Source – Offshore Client: Ericsson
    Support for Large Office (GDNT, China & Richardson, Canada) and Product Verification Team (Ericsson, Mumbai)
    Key Roles : CR Prime , SANITY Test suite Prime

    Since Oct2010- Jan 2011:
    Project : MTX WCD Source – Offshore Client: …………
    Feature Name : LMSD OM’s
    Key Roles : Developer, Tester, Process Compliance & Quality Assurance.

    Since July 2010 – Sept 2010:
    Project : MTX WCD Source – Offshore Client: ………..
    Feature Name : Multiple Time Zone Support for IS-826
    Key Roles : Developer, Tester, Process Compliance & Quality assurance.

    Technology : OS Unix HP-UX, C/C++, PROTEL/PROTEL2 (Proprietary language similar to C/C++).
    Tools : Quality Center (QC), WIN Tools (IS41 Decoder, IS41-Msgtest, IS41PTST), Product Library System (PLS), Clarify (for tracking CR), Quality Center, CATT simulation tool (JAVA core) and VSOS.

    Trainings Conducted

    -This program is a part of Learning & Development Cell, one of the modules in TCS that lays its emphasis upon total growth of an employee from technical to soft skills enhancement.

    Year Title Presented to Location Organised by
    2010 Translations CMLP, MTX Trainees Bangalore ABC Ltd


    Qualification Category Qualification Year Of Passing Subject Percentage
    Bachelor Of Engineering BE 2008 Computer Science And Engineering
    (Birla Institute Of Technology, Mesra Ranchi) CGPA: 6.64
    (%Equivalent: 72.4%)
    Standard Xii / H.S.C. XII 2003 Science (KendriyaVidyalaya DLW, Varansai) 80.6%
    Ssc X 2001 General (KendriyaVidyalayaChopan) 82.2%

    Extra-Curricular Activities and Achievements

    -Participated in 3rd, 4th and 5th National Science Olympiad 2001, 2002 and 2003 with distinctive performance.
    -Represented my school in National Social Science Exhbition-1999.
    -Won prizes in painting and sportcompetition at school level.
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  • LTE testing - CV sample and formats

    A….. M……
    Contact No: 94..........


    3 year 6 month as a QA Engineer in Telecom ( LTE ) ,Networking domain


    -A technology driven professional with 3.6 years of experience in LTE (3GPP Rel 8) and networking domain .
    -Currently associated with ABC designated as QA Engineer.
    -Abilities in managing Software lab. Put efforts in setting up of test environment, creation of test plans / scripts / cases / Result analysis.
    -Hands on experience involving setting up of test environment, creation / functional / system and tracking Expertise in using various tools.
    -A team player with strong knowledge and analytical & relationship management skills and good leadership qualities.


    -Software QA Engineer at ABC in Bangalore : January 2008- till date



    -Interacting with client side professionals for system study, requirements verification and analysis.
    -Testing software programs to compare to specifications and documentation.
    -Documenting, tracking, & communicating test plans, test results, analysis.
    -Debugging/ troubleshooting the application.
    -Delivering the project as per scheduled milestones.

    Software Quality Assurance

    -Providing scope, resource and time estimates for projects presented to and analysis.
    -Working with business analysis function to ensure requirements are appropriately identified and included in the requirements.

    Team Management

    Working with the software engineering team for handling system & integration functional & user acceptance testing.
    Daily and weekly update of testing status to client..
    Ramping up the teams’ knowledge base if the team member is new to the product or process by providing appropriate trainings.

    Noteworthy Milestone

    Found Showstopper issues related to network test cases.
    Pivotal in maintaining the project deadline and quality with deliverables to execute my project.
    Received 3 appreciation mails from clients during project work.


    -Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science & Engineering.College: E..............of Technology
    Result : Aggregate: 75.5%(2007)
    10+2 with 65% (2003).
    10th with 77%(2001).

    Project details


    LTE ( 3.9/4G)

    MME FT
    -Role: QA Engineer
    -Team Size: 3
    -Language : Tcl
    -Development Environment : Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 on Microsoft XP

    Project Summary:

    The MME FT tests the correctness of an implementation of LTE Mobile Management Entity(MME) in accordance with 3GPP TS 36.413(S1AP), TS 24.301(NAS), TS 29.274(GTPv2-C), TS 29.272(Diameter) and other relevant Release 8 standards.
    The MME FT emulates an LTE eNodeB and other Core Network entities such as the S-GW, neighbour MME , HSS and SGSN. It tests the S1-MME, S11, S10, S3 and S6a interfaces of the MME based on a test plan created by Polaris Networks. More than 300 test Cases are already defined and implemented. These test cases cover every MME procedure, including UE Attach, Detach, Bearer management, Handover, Paging, Tracking Area Update and Service Request.


    -Test the functionality of MME through MME Test Tool as per 3GPP specification. Also test the packet decode as per IPMI specification.
    -Verify Test Cases for various interfaces of MME and prepare test plan.
    -Maintain a detailed record of testing the change requests and issue logged by .
    -Prepare test report and review user guide, installation guide, release notes.

    EnodeB FT

    -Role: QA Engineer
    -Team Size: 1
    -Language : TCL
    -Development Environment : Visual Studio 2005

    Project Summary: The eNodeB FT tests the correctness of implementation of a LTE Evolved NodeB in accordance with 3GPP TS 36.321 (MAC), TS 36.322 (RLC), TS 36.323 (PDCP), TS 36.331 (RRC), TS 36.413 (S1AP) and other related standards.The eNodeB FT emulates an LTE UE and an MME to test both the LTE-Uu radio interface and the S1-MME network interface of an eNodeB. The software also emulates an eNodeB entity to test the eNodeB-to-eNodeB interaction over the X2 logical interface.
    Polaris Networks has defined the functional test cases for eNodeB testing to cover all aspects of the operations of an eNodeB.


    -Test the functionality of EnodeB through EnodB Test Tool as per 3GPP specification. Also test the packet decode as per 3GPP specification through Wireshark and miniscope.
    -Verify Test Cases for various interfaces of EnodeB and prepare test plan.
    -Maintain a detailed record of testing the change requests and issue logged b.
    -Prepare test report and review user guide, installation guide, release notes.
    Personal Details

    -Date of Birth : 25.03.19........
    -Permanent Address : ......................, Mur............, Pin:74..........
    -E-Mail Id :
    -Phone Number : 94..............
    -Notice Period : 2 months
    -Job Type : Permanent

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  • 3G testing profile - CV sample and formats

    E-Mail ID: an……………
    Address : #18 Cross, ABC, Bangalore-93
    Mobile :91-93..................


    To obtain a respectable position in your organization in the field of Protocol Testing, which will enable me to use my talents, creativity and ability to the maximum, and contribute to the growth of organization as well as myself. Maintain focus on achieving bottom line results, team based management style and excellent interpersonal/communicational skills


    -B.E. with 61%, in the Year of 2004.


    -Software Test Engineer with 4 years of total experience in Software Testing in Wireless Domain
    -Good knowledge of 2G-GSM,GPRS,3G–UMTS (RLC/MAC,RRC)
    -Experience in writing Test Cases and Test case reviews.
    -Experience in System, Release, Regression, Load & Stress Testing.
    -Experience in Tracking Bugs.


    -Currently working in ABC Technologies, Bangalore, as a Test Engineer from May 2008 to till date.


    Functional Area GSM,GPRS, UMTS
    Technology Known :GPRS,(SM and GMM)UMTS (RLC,MAC and RRC),GSM(CM and MM)
    Operating System :Windows (98 & XP), Linux, VxWorks
    Programming Language :C
    Scripting Language :PERL,TTCN
    Tools Used :Tektronix K1297-G20, Agilent, Anite.VMS,CVS,VSS
    Bug tracking tool :Clear Quest, Bugzilla


    PROJECT – 1
    Title : GCF testing of mobile handset
    Organization : IABCTechnologies, Bangalore
    Tool : Agilent-8960 ,Anite SAT
    Team Size : 7
    Role : Test Engineer


    GCF Testing Of Hand Set Project involves developing the test cases as per 3GPP standard and executing them using ANITE tool which uses AGILENT hard ware generator. the test cases are executed in the local operator network and the log analysis is done by capturing the phone logs

    My responsibilities

    -Executing the Test Cases in the Test Specification.
    -Raising the Bugs in the Bug Reporting tool.
    -Contacting the Developer Directly until the bug was fixed.
    -Coordinating with the Team members for better results

    PROJECT – 2
    Title : GSM/UMTS Base Station System Testing
    Organization : ABC Technologies, Bangalore
    Tools : Tektronix K1297-G20
    Team Size : 9

    Role : Tester


    InterDigital 3G UMTS Base Station is a UMTS micro node B which can be used for 3G UMTS Micro cell applications offering optimal solution for hot/dense spots, in-building solution, subway station, and shadowed areas. The Node B is fully compliant to the protocols in UMTS Rel 5 for Uu interface and provides Tx/Rx Antenna diversity. The Node B supports TTCN conformance test and the hardware architecture is according to 3GPP TS 25.141.The project involves testing the Micro Node B for various Layer 2 protocols like MAC and FP and Layer 3 protocols like NBAP by running the TTCN scripts on Tektronix K1297-G20 test system. Also, various features like Operational Features, data traffic flow, Capability features ,OAM etc are tested.

    My responsibilities

    -System and Feature testing of the Base Station
    -Installation and provisioning of the base station..
    -Protocol testing for MAC protocol.
    -Log files checking and reporting

    PROJECT – 3
    Title : Testing of Femto Cell

    Organization : ABC Technologies,Bangalore
    Tool : Tektronix K1297-G35
    Team Size : 6

    Role : Tester


    Femto Cell Testing project contains a Femto Cell which is a small in expensive personal access point which is present in homes and offices allowing the subscriber to use the existing UMTS handsets and with significantly improve coverage and wire less performance.


    -Feature testing of this simulators
    -Test case execution.
    -Log files checking and reporting.
    -Bug tracking and reporting


    Date of Birth : 01/07/19...
    Marital Status : Unmarried.
    Nationality : Indian.
    Languages known : English, Hindi.
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  • software devloper
  • RE: CV for Software Testing - sample CV -CV for Software Testing (01/03/12)
  • Anurag Kumar
    Email -
    contact - +91-9244454599

    Seeking assignments in Software Development/Testing with a IT company of repute


    -Qualified Bachelors in Technology - Computer Science from SIET Allahabad, UP Technical University, Lucknow in 2011.
    -Accomplished two month training in Mosaic Technologies, Noida.
    -Successfully completed many academic projects using Core Java, Swing, JSP and C#.
    -Gained sufficient knowledge of fundamental of computers, java and programming logic & techniques.
    -Scored 3 ‘A’ grades (more than 90 percentile) in AMCAT exam.
    -An efficient team player in challenging & creative environments with excellent capacity to adapt to new technologies and skills.


    Languages - Core Java, C#, Jsp, Swing.
    Scripting Languages - HTML, JavaScript.
    Operating Systems - Win 2000/ XP.
    Databases - SQL Server 2000, MS-Access, SQL Express.
    Web Technologies - ASP.Net.
    IDE - Visual Studio 2005, MyEclipse 6.6


    Bachelors in Technology (Computer Science) from SIET, Allahabad, UP Technical University - 2011
    Higher Secondary from SKIC, Allahabad, UP Board 2007
    Senior Secondary from SKIC, Allahabad, UP Board 2005


    Project Title - Virtual Medical Home
    Platform - using C#, SQL Express, HTML
    Team Size - 3
    Description - This major project is designed for providing various facilities to patients so that they can easily interact with the renowned doctors for their better

    treatment. The main objective of this project is to provide
    a better treatment facilities to patients instead of the fact that they live in rural or urban areas.

    Project Title - Cricket Scoring System
    Platform - Java, Swing, MS-Access
    Duration - 4 months
    Team Size - 3
    Synopsis - The project entitled Cricket Scoring System has been designed and developed for making the cricket scoring system easy. It is a designed to main record of

    every ball. At every ball input is given that how many runs are taken on this ball & the project increases total runs of the team as well as it increases the runs of

    the strike batsman. Only need of this project is the outcome of the ball & it will calculate all the scores.

    Project Title - Online Book Download
    Platform - using C#, SQL Express, HTML
    Duration - 2 months
    Team Size - 3
    Synopsis - This project is designed for downloading any type of books. User can search the category of books as well as book title. User can see the book if he is not

    the member of the website. For downloading the books, user has to create an account. After reading the book he can suggest about that book .


    -Active member in cultural activities in school as well as college level and have won applauds.
    -93 percentile in 6th National IT Aptitude Test, NIIT.
    -Got the Co-ordinator certificate in Eureka-2010 (College Tech-Fest).
    -Event organizer in my school & college annual function & technical events.


    Date of Birth
    Languages Known
    Present Address
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  • Aamir Khan
    Cell # +91 – 9808821212


    Seeking a challenging position in the area of Software Testing in a Professional Organization, where my skills and my education background can add value to the growth of the organization and allow development of my skills to organization potential in the field of Testing.


    -Masters of Computer Science (Msc) with total 1 years of experience in Software Testing field.
    -Diploma in Software Testing from ABC Tech Hydrabad.
    -Experience in testing Client-Server and web-based applications.
    -Experience in techniques like Functional, ad-hoc, Sanity, regression, integration, and system testing
    -Experience in preparing Test cases using requirement document.
    -Good knowledge in SDLC models.
    -Experience back end testing, writing SQL Queries and testing database.
    -Excellent team player, individual contributor and meeting with project deadlines.


    -Msc (Master in Computer Science) – 2011 with 62 % from ABC University, Amravati, Maharashtra, India.
    -Bsc Comp.Sci - 2008 (Bachelor of Science in Comp.sci) from ABC Univerisity
    -H.S.C -2004 from Pune Board, Amravati, Maharashtra, India.
    -S.S.C -2002 from Pune Board, Amravati, Maharashtra, India.


    Operating Systems - Windows XP/2000/2003/9X
    Testing Tools - Quick Test Pro 9.2 (beginner), Manual Testing
    Languages - Vbscript, PHP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#,C,C++.
    Database - MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access
    Web Server - IIS, Apache Tomcat
    Bug Report Tool -, Bugzilla

    Professional Experience:

    ABC Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai - Software Test Engineer - May 2009 – June 2010

    Major Projects

    Title: ERP Systems (Generic Component for ERP)
    Module: Payroll Systems
    Company: Daksh Pvt. Ltd.
    Client: Mai IndoLink Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Pune
    Duration: One Year
    Environment: ASP.Net, VB.Net, MS SQL, IIS, Crystal Report, Windows XP

    Description: With this Module a company to keep the details of the employees working for the organization in organized format. We have tried to accomplish the vital parts that come into existence for keeping records of a particular employee in an organization and producing their salary slips
    In the Module the Finance Department can maintain all types of Deductions, Allowances, and leaves applicable to a particular Employee, which ultimately comes into calculation for the final salary Processing

    Role: Software Test Engineer


    -Test case preparation using requirement documents provided by development team.
    -Creating set of test cases for sanity testing.
    -Manually testing key features of the product.
    -Creating database queries and checking backend components
    -Installing builds on IIS.
    -Filing and tracking bugs in bugTracker.

    Title: Online Gate Pass System

    Description: It Provide facility to al material which goes outside the company or we can say that it will provide a computerization of generating the Gate Pass Requisition and goes out through the approval hierarchy.

    Role: Software Test Engineer


    -Understood Software Requirement Specification (SRS)
    -Understanding the business requirements and developed test cases to test the complete functionality of the application.
    -Prepared Test Cases on functional documents.
    -Executed and prepared test cases.
    -Involved in Database Testing by Using SQL

    Other details

    Declaration: I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.
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  • Name
    Mobile: XXXXXXXXXx

    Software Development / Testing with an organisation of high repute.


    -A competent individual done B.Tech. (Computer Science Engineering) from XXXXXXXXx.
    -Conversant with designing, building and supporting applications in C, J2SE,C++, Java, Apache Tomcat 5.5 & and Desktop Applications Development and using variety of technologies.
    -Acquired knowledge of new methods, technology & industry trends while undertaking projects.
    -Superb knowledge in design for application.
    -Proficient in grasping new technical concepts and utilizing them in an effective manner.
    -Resourceful thinker, leader and communicator in fast-paced quality/ engineering environment.


    Fresher B.Tech. (Computer Science Engineering) from XXXXXXXXX with 84%.

    Higher Secondary from XXXXXXXXX in 2005 with 62%.


    Operating System : Windows XP/VISTA
    Programming Language : Java (J2SE, J2EE), C++,C
    Web Technology : JSP, Servlet ,JDBC, Javascript , Dreamweaver
    Web Sever : Apache Tomcat 5.5
    Database : Oracle (SQL), Ms-Access



    Organisation :
    Tenure :
    Description :

    Organisation :
    Tenure :
    Description :


    Title :
    Tenure :
    Environment :
    Description :


    -Attended seminar on the Open Source Technology.
    -Won 2nd prize in the Paper presentation in XXXXXXX.


    -Date of Birth :
    -Languages :
    -Address :

    Current Location: