CV for Trainee Software Engineer - sample CV

CV for Trainee Software Engineer - Here's a CV for Trainee Software Engineer - CAREER OBJECTIVE, PROFESSIONAL SYNOPSIS, PROJECT DETAILS, SUMMARY OF SKILLS etc.
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  • RE: CV for Trainee Software Engineer - sample CV -CV for Trainee Software Engineer (10/03/12)
    Cell : 8790933431

    Career Objective

    Aspiring for a challenging career that consistently refines my skills and enable me to play a dynamic role in realizing the goals of organization and to continuously upgrade myself with the organization in which I am employed.


    B.Tech (IT) - 2012 - 67% - Ganapathy College of Engineering - Warangal
    Intermediate - 2008 - 71% - CKM arts and science college - Warangal
    SSC - 2006 - 77% - GOVT. High School (N.N) - Warangal

    Technical Proficiency

    -Languages - C, C++,Java
    -Operating Systems - Windows XP, Windows 7
    -Applications - MS-Office
    -Web Technologies - HTML, Servlets, JSP
    -Database - SQL Server,ORACLE,JDBC

    Academic Project Details

    PROJECT 1 - 4 months (August, 2011 – November, 2011)

    Project Title



    The objective of this application is to maintain a centralized repository of information related to various crimes that may happen across the country. The purpose is to enable law enforcement agencies to quickly access the information and take appropriate measures and steps.

    Role - Programmer, Designer
    Language - Java
    Technology - J2EE, Servlets, JSP, JDBC
    Database - SQL Server 2005

    PROJECT 2 - 6 months (December, 2011– May, 2012)

    Project Title:

    AGENT CENTER APPLICATION(Mobile Application)


    The objective of this application is to explain the functionality of insurane agent make it as easy. An agent can pass updated information very fast through the mobile to his clients instead of laptop

    Role - Programmer, Designer
    Language - Java
    Technology - J2EE, Android 2.1
    Tools - Eclipse, Android SDK

    Personal Profile

    Name - Pravalika Ramagiri
    Date of Birth - 17th June 1990
    Languages Known - English, Telugu, Hindi

    Permanent Address

    Pravalika Ramagiri
    D/o. Srinivas Ramagiri
    City: Warangal,
    Dist: Warangal – 506 002.
    Andhra Pradesh.


    I here by declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.

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  • CV for Trainee Software Engineer

    Yogesh Kapoor
    Phone no.: 9XXXXXXXXX
    Location: Delhi

    Career Objective

    To provide a value preposition to the organization by importing all my knowledge, skills and working methodology this will help to achieve the industrial and personal goals.


    -B.Tech (Computer Science Engineering) with an aggregate of -------------
    -10+2 from -------------
    -10th from -------------

    Training Summary

    -1 Month summer training in ----------
    -2 months industrial training in ----------

    Project undertaken in B.Tech

    Project Title

    Inventory Management System


    .Net Plateform Using with C# As Front End And Sql-Server 2005 As back End.


    The IMS was a project of TATA CMC for automation of the Industrial Inventory Handling Process. As a part of modernization of Industry Stocks Details, Bill details, Product And Vendor’s Description are Essential for smoothness of production.IMS consist all These Information And Can implement in a Local Organization’s Network. It’s a online IMS project , have all require functionality of Industry to manage Inventory.

    Computer Skills

    -Operating System: Windows XP/ Vista, Windows 7
    -Software: Microsoft word/power point.
    -Languages: Basic C,Visual C#
    -Professional: ASP.NET
    -IDEs: Visual studio 2008
    -Database: Sql Server 2005

    Personal Skills

    -Able to work efficiently and effectively.
    -Willingness to learn.
    -Ability to adapt to changes effectively.

    Area of Interest in Academics


    Extra-curricular Activities

    -Given seminar Presentation on -----------.
    -Co-ordinated ----------------.

    Personal Profile

    DOB : 12-07-1990
    Language Known : English, Hindi,
    Hobbies/Interests : listening music, playing computer games.

    I hereby declare that above information is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  • RE: CV for Trainee Software Engineer - sample CV -Neetu (02/07/12)

    - B.TECH in Information Technology from Bengal College of Engineering & technology, Durgapur.
    - Project on “Picture Manager Using Core Java” submitted to WBUT University as a part of Final semester project work.
    - Excellent communicator and good listener.
    - Good knowledge in Ms- Word, Ms-Excel, PowerPoint.

    To achieve excellence in working as dynamic professional offering solutions to business using the best available where my analytical ability and analysing quest are used maximum for growth of the organization and to grow with the organization. Seeking a challenging position in well established company that offers professional growth and ample opportunity to learn and enrich my competencies in my profession.


    1. Company : IBM
    Language : CORE JAVA
    Period of work : 25/06/2009 TO 25/07/2009


    - Developed a BSNL customer care system which is the field INSERT, UPDATE, VIEW, BILL using Core java.

    2. Institute : INFOCUS EDUCATION
    Language : SAP (ABAP)
    Period of work : 23/06/2010 TO 25/11/2010


    - Developed a BDC Program to upload Material Master Data from legacy system to SAP R/3 database.
    - Developed a BDC Program to upload Vendor Master Data from legacy system to SAP R/3 database.
    - Developed an ALV Interactive Report display material master data in the basic list and detail item data in the secondary list.
    - Developed a Material description report to display a list of materials and material description on material type and plant.
    - Develop BDC to upload Asset master data.


    Languages : C, JAVA, SAP-ABAP (ECC 6.0)
    Fundamentals : Data Structure, DBMS
    Software : MS Office
    Working Platform : Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista, Windows 7
    Other Applications
    and Languages : SQL SERVER-2005

    Areas of Expertise in SAP-ABAP:

    - Data dictionary.
    - Created multiple technical design documents from functional specification. Worked closely with client to understand the requirements clearly.
    - Demonstrated extraordinary skills analyzing and solving defects in stipulated time
    - Reporting: Interactive, Classical, ALV & Object Oriented ALV.
    - Conversion: Batch Data Communication (BDC) programs.
    - SAP standard tool: SAP Query.
    - Layout Designing: Smart Forms, Sap Scripts.
    - Function module.
    - Module Pool Programming.
    - ABAP Object Oriented programming.
    - Performance tuning of report.
    - Demonstrated expertise in debugging and performance tuning.
    - Worked on advanced smart form concepts like integrating multiple smart forms to single print request and converting smart forms to PDF
    - Enhancements: customer exit and BADI.
    - Interface Programming: BAPI.


    - B.TECH (Information Technology) from Bengal College of engineering & technology, Durgapur with 7.50 (CGPA) in the year - 2011
    - XII th Standard from UP board with 63% in the year 2007
    - X th Standard from B.S.E.B with 71.2% in the year 2003


    - As a captain lead the school cricket team for two consecutive victories in the inter school cricket tournament- 2002 and 2003.
    - As a Member of tech fest in college got an award on model presentation.
    - Participated in March past in College on Republic day.


    - Positive Attitude, Determined, High Energies.
    - Good decision making and analytical skills.
    - Able to handle people in a very efficient way.

    Languages Known:
  • RE: CV for Trainee Software Engineer - sample CV -Ram (02/07/12)

    To contribute to the growth of a progressive organisation with my educational qualifications, experience, credential and capabilities, allowing for a potential rise within the organisation.


    - B.Techwith 66.60% from Vidya Academy of Science and Technology, Thrissur. (Affiliated to University of Calicut, Kerala)
    - Twelfth with 89% from St. Thomas BHSS, Thrissur.
    - SSLC with 92% from Model BHSS, Thrissur.


    - Virtual mouse (Academic Project)
    Technology: JAVA

    Description: Designed and developed an interactive virtual mouse using LED fitted pen. Operating in a team of 3 members, my duty was to do the processing of the image captured from sensor and we were exposed to various aspects of SDLC.
    - Mini project: Online Management Quota Seat Allotment (J2EE).
    - Seminar: Skinput (IEEE paper).


    - Completed course on JAVA with Developing Enterprise Applications & Web Services using J2EE (NIIT certified).
    - Completed CNAP (Cisco Network Academic Program) and CCNA.
    - Completed course on TURBO C++ (IRS certified).
    - Completed Infosys Campus Connect Program.
    - IBM Certified Associate Developer (Rational Application Developer for WebSphere v6.0).
    - Proficiency in programming language C.

    Operating Systems :Ubuntu 9.10/10.10/11.04, Windows 7/XP/Vista/98.
    Database : MySQL
    IDE :NetBeans6.8/6.9, Rational Application Developer.


    - Held the position of University Union Councilor of VAST.
    - Member of Computer Society of India, Institution of Engineers.
    - Participated and won prizes in several college level Arts competitions.
    - Won proficiency award for studies in school.
    - Participated and won prizes in several school level quiz competitions.
    - Member of school cricket team.

    Extra-curricular activities: Singing, playing badminton and cricket.


  • RE: CV for Trainee Software Engineer - sample CV -Seemant (02/07/12)
  • Seeking an opportunity to utilize and enhance my skills by facing the challenges of the industry, thus achieve entire development and growth and bring best results to my organization.

    Educational Qualifications:
    - B.Tech in Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering From ITER Bhubaneswar with 72% . (Biju Patnaik University Of Technology) (2006-10)
    - Intermediate : MLT Saharsa College Saharsa, (BIEC) With 68%.
    - Matriculation ; Manohar High School, (BSEB) With 67%.

    Software proficiency:
    - Languages : C, C++, JAVA /J2EE .
    - DBMS Packages : SQL, ORACLE.
    - OS : Windows XP/Vista/, MS DOS.
    - Web Designing : JAVA, HTML/XML.

    Project Details:
    Software : Embedded C, Keil, Proload
    Domain : Embedded Systems Design
    Responsibility : Analysis of complete system
    Team Size : 4
    Objective : The objective of this project is to limit the consumption of electricity.

    Description : "Smart Card Based Prepaid Energy Meter” is based on AT89S52 microcontroller and EEPROM IC (smart card).EEPROM card programmed by MC kit.
    A 16X2 LCD is provided to read units available .When the consumer inserts a smart card into the card reader which is connected kit. Then the card reader will read the stored information and delete the information from the EEPROM IC (smart card). So that the smart card cannot be reused by others. Whenever the count value reaches one thousand, 1unit is decremented from EEPROM and these values are displayed on LCD.

    Training programs:-
    - Undergone JAVA/J2EE training (Duration-6month).
    - Undergone industrial training program at STEEL AUTHORITY OF INDIA LTD.
    Department covered: Instrumentation & Automation Dept, Electronics Dept.

    - Cricket Champion in Inter school competitions. (1999)
    - Captain of school cricket team.
    - Event Organizer in college annual function day and other technical events.
    - Participated in College cultural festival Skit.
    - Participated in School Level carom championship


    - Reading newspaper & writing Diary.
    - Playing & Watching Cricket.

    - Sincere, Optimistic and disciplined.
    - Punctual and Ability to adjust to situation and work under pressure.
    - Friendly and co-operative i.e. a team player.

    Personal Profile:
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  • Prashant Kumar
    Email -
    contact - +91-9249994599

    Career Objectives

    Seeking a responsible career position, open to learn and develop suitable skills which offer a high level of challenge and adding value to the organization.

    Participate in training programs to achieve better results and learn for quick adoption to changing needs.

    Programming skills

    Languages - C, C++, Core Java.
    Database - SQL
    Operating Systems - Windows XP.
    Web Technologies - HTML.

    Educational Qualifications

    M.Tech - Computer Science and Engineering - B.I.E.T. Davangere. V.T.U. Belgaum. - 2011 - 74%
    B.E - Computer Science and Engineering- R.Y.M.E.C - Bellary - V.T.U. Belgaum - 2009 - 72%
    P.U.C. - Government Science College, Chitradurga - P.U.E.- 2005 - 81%
    S.S.L.C. - Jr. College, - 2003 - 83%

    Personal Skills:

    -Good Communication Skills.
    -Ability to work independently with minimum supervision in a team environment.
    -Good Interpersonal skills, committed, result oriented, hard working with a quest and zeal to learn new technologies.

    Academic Projects:

    Project1 (M.Tech) - A Memory-Aware Dynamic Job Scheduling Model in Grid Computing
    Languages Used - Core Java, JSP and SQL.
    Operating System - Windows XP/7.

    Description - The main purpose of this project is to develop an efficient job scheduling algorithm to maximize the resource utilization and minimize processing time of

    the jobs. The proposed job scheduling is based on job grouping concept taking into account Memory constraint together with other constraints such as Processing power,

    Bandwidth, expected execution and transfer time requirements of each job.

    Project2 (B.E) - Website Development for JSWECE (Live Project)
    Languages Used - HTML, JSP, JavaScript and SQL.

    Operating System - Windows XP/Vista.

    Description - The main objectives of this project are to the product is being developed as a website to promote various programmes offered by an organization. Through

    internet this website can be accessed by various people located geographically apart. Facilitate geographically scattered students to get enrolled for the training

    programs easily.

    Personal information

    Permanent Address
    Date of Birth


    I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned

  • RE: CV for Trainee Software Engineer - sample CV -Rishi (11/21/11)
  • Name
    E-Mail: XXXXXXXXXx

    Seeking career enriching assignments in:


    -A Junior Software Engineer with 1.3 years of experience in Software Development.
    -Presently working with XXXXXXXXXXXXX Ltd. as Web Developer.
    -Gained practical working knowledge of .NET Technologies & RDBMS with interface designing & implementation.
    -A proactive learner with a flair for adopting emerging trends & addressing industry requirements to achieve organisational objectives.
    -An effective team member with proven abilities to be a part of the team during the project phase and guiding team members.

    Technical Purview

    -Languages : C#, XML, HTML, PL/SQL (Basic)
    -Frameworks (Web Technology) : ASP.NET
    -RDBMS : SQL SERVER 2005,2008
    -Software Tools : Adobe photoshop, MS Office
    -Operating Systems : Win-2000,2003,XP,VISTA,7


    -Executing the design, development, troubleshooting and debugging of the software.
    -Understanding user requirements, mapping them to system requirements and incorporating changes in the project as required.
    -Managing various technical aspects like software design, coding of modules, monitoring critical issue’s & taking appropriate actions, carrying out interface redesigning and application maintenance, etc.





    -Pursuing M.B.A in information technology from symbiosis university.



    Date of Birth :
    Residential Address :
    Languages Known :
    Passport No. :