Dance and its various forms

What is Dance?

Dance is an art form in which the people use their bodies to express themselves. A dance is generally accompanies by music. It a form in which a person uses his/her body including facial expressions to express the emotion and ideas which sometimes can be story telling.

What are the different forms Of Dance?

Every dance form has its own unique identity and is beautiful in its own way and has a different to it. There are different types of dance world wide according to the country of origin. But now the dance forms worldwide are merging and creating a new form. Some of the dance styles are:

International Standard Ballroom Dances:
• Ballroom Dance
• Tango
• Waltz
• Foxtrot
• Viennese Waltz
• Quickstep
• Cha-Cha-Cha
• Rumba
• Samba
• Jive
• Paso Doble

Traditional Indian Dances
• Kathak
• Kathakali
• Mohiniattam
• Bharatnatyam
• Odissi
• Kuchipudi
• Manipuri
• Sattriya
• Bhangra
• Lavani
• Garba
• Dekhni
• Bollywood Dance

American Style Dance:
• Bolero
• Mambo
• East Coast Swing

Ballroom Dances Worldwide:
• Salsa
• Merengue
• Bachata
• Lambada
• Polka
• Hustle
• Swing Dance
• Ballet Dance
• Hip Hop Dance
• Step Dance
• Tap Dance
• Flamenco Dance
• Fandango
• Jazz Dance
• Folk Dance
• Modern Dance
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