Ddifferent conditions in which environmental engineers need to work

What are the different conditions in which environmental engineers need to work?

Environmental engineers need to work with different environments and people to devise solutions to environmental problems. They work in different conditions and projects to see the overall progress of environment and its related issues. The natures of the task they perform are as follows:

1. They work with engineers working in urban and regional planners to find out the issues in urban areas related to automobile emissions, increase of pollution, etc.
2. They work with business people and lawyers at seminars where they have a session of questions and answers. They ask questions regarding the emission produced by the companies or impact of pollutions or use of materials that harms the environment.
3. They work outdoors to find out the quantity in which the waste material is poured out by different industries, emissions done by automobiles which are harming the ozone layer by collaborating with waste technicians and environmental scientists.
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