De-Recognition of Madrasas: Implications for Education

De-Recognition of Madrasas: Implications for Education

Question : Decision of the BJP government to de-recognise madrasas has important implications for education. Elaborate.

- The decision of the NDA led government in Maharashtra to de-recognise madrasas and institutions imparting vedic education unless they have formal education programmes has created a controversy

- More than one lakh of the students, many of them in madrasas could be affected

- Madrasas need to be reformed but de-recognising them will harm those who have access to no other means of education

- Theological education can also equip students for modern life; it should not be discounted

- Religious teaching in Madrasas is not against professional development provided there is standardisation of education to conform to secular, modern values

Facts and Stats

- Lower than 10% of all Muslim children study in madrasas, according to the HRD Ministry

- In Maharashtra, 1889 madrasas are functioning from which 559 teach courses in science and other formal education programs
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