Dealing with IIFT paper and marking scheme

What is the marking scheme for IIFT Entrance Exams? Is there any negative marking for the same?

Marking scheme for IIFT Entrance Exams keeps on changing from one year to another. As the number of question varies per year, so is the marking scheme.

Yes, there is negative marking for IIFT Entrance Exam and 1/4th of the allotted marks will be deducted for each wrong answer.

What is the cutoff scores for IIFT Exam?

The cutoff marks or scores for IIFT Entrance Exam depends on the total marks, difficulty level of the question papers and on the number of test takers.
As per the records the cutoff marks for IIFT last year was around 50 and the cutoff percentile was above 95. Sectional cutoff was also there.

What are the points to be remembered while undergoing the IIFT Entrance Exam?

As per the difficulty and the lengthy state of the question paper, there are certain points that need to be taken care of by the candidate while going through the IIFT Entrance Exam.
These are:
• For lengthy or out of reach questions, the candidate should not spend much time on one question, but should move to another question. Generally the candidate gets approximately one minute per question to answer, hence time management is very much needed.

• The candidate should not attempt the question for which he/she feels wrong or doubtful. As negative marking and critical competition for percentile cutoffs is there, the candidate should not go for any doubtful questions.

• Candidate should not stick to one section only, as sectional cut off marks are also deciding in the final selection. One or other section may be separated or clubbed with other section, but the candidate needs to give proper attention to all the four sections of English Comprehension, General Knowledge and Awareness, Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Analysis.

• As IIFT Entrance test is a paper pencil test, the candidate need to properly darken the circle.

• Candidate need to be calm and cool while attempting the question paper. If the question paper will be difficult and lengthy, then the cutoff score would be on a lower side and vice versa.

• Versatile and different questions should be practiced and not the similar one. Questions should be read and understood properly before jumping to the answer options
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