Dealing with man made disasters and role of locals

How would you deal with man-made disasters?

While handling man-made disasters, four basic steps should be followed:

- Prevention– Try to identify and minimize the risk.

- Preparedness– You should always be ready to cope up with the situation.

- Response– When the disaster occurs, respond immediately by providing medical help or rehabilitation centers.

- Recovery– Victims should be helped in recovering their losses.

Do you think that the local people should be involved in managing disasters?

Yes, the local people can play an important role in managing disasters.

- They can be a part of the emergency rescue team.

- They can organize camps in their respective areas to train people.

- They can lend a helping hand to spread awareness about disasters.

- Deforestation can be properly controlled.

- Most importantly, people can be taught to consider the architectural factors while constructing buildings.
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