Death penalty would act as a deterrent to rape

Death penalty would act as a deterrent to rape

India has become a highly unsafe country for women. Every now and then we hear of some or the other rapes or gang rapes happening in some or the other state. There are en – number of laws like castration, death penalty or life-time imprisonment which can be implemented but will it deter the individual to do such heinous crimes?

Rape is not an act of an aberrant mind, but usually is a crime of opportunity. As per psychologists, rape is not about just sexual satisfaction, it is more related to domination of one sex on the other. Crime like rape is usually based on the psychology and mentality of the person. Hence by convicting him of death penalty will not make much justice neither will it stop or demotivate other people from doing so.

When a rape happens there is a lot that the victim suffers in terms of social stigma and mental trauma. So just by a death penalty the criminal will not go through anything and will escape through the entire trauma by being hanged. Instead the criminal must be also be tortured so that he builds a fear in his mind and will be demotivated to do so for any reason. Even a life time imprisonment will not be suitable as a lot of criminals who do not have the means to fulfil their basic necessities think jail is a better option to stay and hence that is also not a viable option.

The desire for a crime like rape is just not because of the sexual drive there is some psychological problem and mental misbalance in the individual otherwise rapes of 2 or 3 year old girls would not have taken place. In India, we have laws for each and every crime, but the problem is that they are not being implemented. It is very necessary for us to implement the laws against the crime and the mind-set of the public is changed. Today also, in villages it is seen the upbringing of men is still this that women is a weaker sex and you can easily overpower them by any mean. Which is a wrong mentality, people need to be educated to eliminate crime and make the society a better place and safe for women.

Death penalty is not the solution and will in no way deter the criminals from committing a crime. It is the need of the hour to educate and change their mind-set. People should be able to respect the female gender in order to see a positive change. By taking the appropriate measures and by implementing the laws properly will we be able to make the society a safe place for girls.
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  • RE: Death penalty would act as a deterrent to rape -Deepa Kaushik (04/28/14)
  • Speaking in terms of humanitarian grounds, death penalty is not at all a satisfactory judgement for rape cases. A girl is traumatised physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and ethically. With so many traumas, life becomes no more than a living hell for the girl. For committing such a cruel offense, the punishment should be as harsh, so that, not just the present, but even the generations to come should never even dream of committing such an offense.

    The punishment should be equally cruel and traumatising. Death penalty is just an easy escapism for that brutal person. Such people should be left to the angry public, who can determine the punishment for a rape accused in the best possible way.

    Though these things are easy to be spoken, but there remains a lot many loopholes in our legal books for these crazy headed cruel people to get out of the prison. Instead of leaving them open in the outside world, it is better to kill that person there and then, thereby saving many such girls from fetching the same fate due to that accused.