Defence Agreements Between India and the US

Defence Agreements Between India and the US

Question: India and the US are natural partners for a stable bilateral relationship. Provide an overview of the recent defence agreements signed between the two countries.

• India and the US have formed an agreement to jointly develop protective gear for soldiers against chemical or biological warfare

• Another agreement has been signed on building generators

• Projects were cleared during talks between US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter and Indian leaders

• Make in India programme and joint development as well as production of weapons and military technologies were also emphasised during the talks

• A 10 year defence cooperation pact has also been signed to include cooperation with maritime security

• The new pact provides avenues for high level strategic discussions and high level exchanged between armed forces of both nations

• The agreement will also focus on strengthening of defence capabilities of the two nations

• The framework recognises the transformative nature of DTTI/ Defence Technology and Trade Initiative

• Projects have also been finalised for joint development of Mobile Electric Hybrid Power Sources and the Next Generation Protective Ensembles.

• Projects on protective clothing for soldiers and development of next gen power sources will be funded USD 1 million in equal funding by each side

• The projects relating to Defence Technology and Trade Initiative have been launched

• India is also viewing US aircraft technology to replace ageing British warships

Facts and Stats

• India and the US have also agreed to discuss avenues for cooperation on jet engines, aircraft carrier design and construction and other areas

• The two sides have also agreed to pursue co-development and co production projects
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