Degree or Delivery - What is more important?

Degree or Delivery - What is more important?

Smriti Irani had always made a lot more noise and garnered the attention of the people. First it was about the Star Plus popular serial, then the fight with Rahul Gandhi in Amethi and latest in the row is debate over her educational qualification. She is a talented woman but lacking an educational degree is posing questions on her post of HRD ministry. She doesn’t have degree but surely has a potential to deliver. The same case don’t repeats again and again, therefore people are out discussing, whether what is more important-Degree or Delivery?


• Degree is just not a piece of paper but an important learning part in every person's life. The learning from educational qualification cannot be ignored.

• Degree works as a parameter to shortlist the candidates for any responsible profile. Without degree the level of competition may rise extremely.

• The outer world is extremely competitive where you need to have all the required things that can work in your favor.

• Degree is the word that even holds a place ahead of delivery in the dictionary. The same thing stands true in the real life.

• People spend huge amount of time, efforts and money in getting the knowledge. The skills are always there deep within, but it is the degree that sharpens the skills.

• In some cases like architect, doctor, engineer there is a strong need of degree without which delivery is impossible.


• There are many people who get a degree but still are working at low profiles or are roaming unemployed. So how degree is helping them?

• Degree is needed to get the results, but in the past people have proved that degree is not the most important thing required to get the success in life.

• Dhirubhai Ambani, Henry Ford, Bill Gates etc are the people who were drop outs but made it big in their lives without any professional degree.

• Technical expertise is required along with the business acumen to get the positive results that a degree cannot provide.

• The knowledge of local regulations, local market and how to create a niche in competitive environment makes a person successful.


There are many instances in the past where people have made it big without even getting the professional and advanced degrees. They had a purpose which they fulfilled through their hard work and innovation. Practical learning was still there. In any case, the importance of degree cannot be overshadowed by the success of few people. They are the exceptions who got the practical exposure by the harsh times. So, just saying that delivery can take place of degree is mockery of education.
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  • RE: Degree or Delivery - What is more important? -Jatin Khuranae (06/19/14)
  • As per my understanding, degree and delivery both play different role in the life of a person. Degree of course, sets a benchmark in the ability of a people but delivery is also one of the main important thing without which degree has to do nothing. We are taking degree so that we would be able to prepare yourself to deliver. It means taking degree means not only taking a paper of degree but developing the abilities to deliver the things whatever one has gained during the degree. Developing the abilities to deliver the things not only comes from taking the degree, it also comes from Real world experiences but in the second case it was difficult to prove yourself in the staring of your carrier because you don't have that degree benchmark with you.There are a lot of examples who has done really good without degree. Best example is player Sachin Tendulakar but some are those who has done with degree like Hargobind Khurana.So giving something to the world is most important thing whether it's by taking the degree or by anything else.
  • RE: Degree or Delivery - What is more important? -Saina (06/04/14)
  • A lot has been said about Smriti irani being the HRD minister without a degree . Well i am also just gonna add to it . To all those who think that degree is inconsequential are probably wrong in my point of view . Degree is not just a peice of paper it not only provides you education and knowldge but it also enhances you with the kind of experienc that is way different from the normal one . And the comparison of smriti irani with bill gates or steve jobs is highly fallacious as they were doing something which was limited only to them that is there buisness and she here has to take decisions for the millions of people . You cannot just depend on anybody for a task like this . Coming back to the degree point so its just common sense that being experienced and talented is way different from being experienced , educated and talented . And if the ministers are to be chosen like this why do we need an education system ? Why stress out the younger generation so much? What is the race about?
    This is for sure delivery gets better only with degree!
  • RE: Degree or Delivery - What is more important? -Suhail Sayed (06/01/14)
  • Degree or Delivery- One has to deliver to get degree delivery is very important in every aspect of life and work and to become successful. Delivery is one of the basics to get the fruitful and desired results. But its very important to find the right person for right job and among many candidates we have to pick the right one so to keep it civilized and find the reasonable, skillful person there is proper channel to enter by getting the ticket i.e. degree.Delivery is more important because to get the degree you have to deliver and after getting it you have to deliver for future rewards.
  • RE: Degree or Delivery - What is more important? -deepak (06/01/14)
  • Degree is not important to delivery,

    Success man like Mr Bill gate and Mr Steve Job they gave world brilliant technology hardware software like mnobile Pc ipad iphone which is very miracle to us .But not not graduate ,school dropout.

    One should achieve success degree is not important. In the world people have so may degree but they not delivery thay are on paper degree.Hard work ,strong will power required to success.
  • RE: Degree or Delivery - What is more important? -Deepa Kaushik (05/31/14)
  • Degree is an important aspect in life especially when it comes to handling responsible positions. Degree is not only an entry ticket to many of the school of learning for higher education and getting a successful professional career, but it is also an opportunity to know, learn and imbibe new skill sets in order to justify the post we are responsible for.

    Coming on to the discussion of degree or delivery, definitely delivery weighs more over degree. Degree just guides a path, whereas, the ultimate expectation is the work delivered to utmost perfection. With this priority set, delivery holds the key slot.

    The delivery cannot overshadow the degree. A qualified person has more probability of achieving victory over an illiterate experienced person. The difference lies as the one between illiteracy and ignorance. An illiterate is not essentially ignorant. He might perform well with his practical experiences in life. What needs to be avoided is an ignorant illiterate who is neither educated nor has any practical knowledge.

    Hence, delivery outweighs degree with the clause that the output is fruitful.