Delhi Budget 2015-2016: Highlights

Delhi Budget 2015-2016: Highlights

Question: The Delhi Budget 2015-2016 is the first participatory Swaraj budget of India. Elaborate on the highlights of this budget.

- Delhi Budget 2015-2016 was presented by Deputy CM M. Sisodia on 25th June in
Vidhan Sabha

- This is the first participatory and Swaraj budget of India

Salient Highlights

• There has been a proposal to establish a new Delhi Urban Development Agency within each revenue district for carrying out work recommended by citizens under the Swaraj Fund and the MLA Fund

• The Budget also proposed to provide total financial support of INR 5908 crore to local bodies; this constitutes 14.4% of the total budget

• INR 1690 crore has been proposed as subsidy for measures such as reduction of electricity bill and supply of free water up to 20,000 litres per month

• A buffer stock of potato and onions will also be released during the time of scarcity

• A free Wi-Fi service will be launched in colleges and rural areas during this year

• Around INR 4570 crore will be spent on education; this increases the outlay on education by 106 percent

• Around 50 schools will be developed as model schools with modern facilities and infrastructure; around 236 new schools are planned

• A Higher Education and Skill Development Guarantee Scheme has been launched whereby students can avail loans of up to INR 10 lakhs without collateral or margin money

• INR 310 crore will be spent on promotion of vocational education and establishment of a Skill University for skill development diploma/degree courses

• 3 new ITIs will be opened in Chhatarpur, Rahola and Bakkarwala and 5 new polytechnics will be set up in North, North East, Central, New Delhi and West Districts of Delhi

• A Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology will be set up into a University and its strength will increase from 3 to 12,000 in a span of 5 years

• 3 new hospitals will be set up with total bed capacity of 1800 at Siraspur, Madipur and Nangloi

• There is a proposal to set up 500 clinics in morals in different parts of Delhi in 2015-2016

• Advance Trauma Care Centre will be set up in LN Hospital for sports injury rehab and 100 trauma beds including ICU and OT facilities will be provided

• Around INR 1500 rupees will be set up for purchase of e-rickshaw to provide last mile connectivity

• There is a proposal to bring 10,000 different specifications of buses to meet differentiated needs of commuters from private sector under the PPP Cluster Scheme

• There is also a proposal to launch Passenger Information System to provide real time data

• There is a proposal to launch a mobile app for Self Meter Reading and Bill Generation to provide water and sewer services to citizens in a manner that is friendly and efficient

• An Energy Conservation Fund will be set up in 2015-2016 to finance energy efficient projects, street lighting etc

• Jan Jal Prabhandhan Yojana will be launched to involve the community in management of water and sewerage services in decentralised way

• Fresh Water Treatment Plant will be set up at Iradatnagar and existing water treatment plants will be rehabilitated to meet the demand of increasing water production

• Capacity of solar power in Delhi will rise

• 15 new sewer treatment plants will be set up

• Yamuna river will be cleaned and made into picnic spot

• Menace of tanker mafia will be countered with the aid of GPS

• Government will implement the Majithia commission recommendations

• It will also constitute the Shramik Vikas Mission

• Labour welfare centres will be established across Delhi; labourers will get the benefit of registration through single window system

• Around INR 1 crore will be given to families of martyrs

• New age homes will come up in different parts of the country

• Loans of INR 10 lakh each will be provided and girls will get loan at 1% lower interest

• Six new working women hostels will come up in Delhi

• All public mode of transport must install GPS

• 11 government hospitals in Delhi will undergo modernisation

• Health budget has been hiked by 45% to INR 4787 crore

• 50 schools will be converted to model schools and CCTV cameras will be installed across all Delhi schools

• Aim is for 100% literacy over the next two years

• A Swaraj Nidhi has been proposed for common man to which INR 253 crore has been allocated

• Per capita income of Delhi is wider than country average and tax worth INR 26604 crore has been collected in this financial year

• 45,000 trees will be planted as part of the budget

Facts and Stats

• The INR 41129 crore rupee budget constitutes INR 19,000 crore Plan Budget and 22129 crore Non Plan Budget

• Swaraj fund of INR 253 crore is proposed to be created for implementing programmes selected by citizens for developing their areas
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