Dell Placement Papers - Technical Questions

Dell Placement Papers - Technical Questions

In this interview the students can expect questions based on programming, Oops, fundamentals, etc. The students must be well prepared to answer these questions.

Here are a few frequently asked questions to a software engineer at the DELL Technical Interview:

- With an example explain what is virtual function?

- Explain briefly the features of OOPS.

- Explain the difference between overriding and overloading.

- What are the public private protected modifiers behaviours on data members in inheritance?

-Explain what is linking in brief?

- Explain when a heap and stack memory is used, also state the difference between the two.

- What is Client Server technology?

- What is a ROM?

- Explain what is RITI.

- Explain the difference between pointers and references.

- Explain what is aggregation and composition?

- Explain what is meant by “Passing by value”.

- Explain DLL and also state the advantages of using DLL.

- Explain what is a RAM?

- State the difference between RAM and ROM?

- Explain what is factory method?

- Can you write a function to remove duplicates in array?

- Without using a temporary variable, write a program to exchange two numbers.

- To reverse linked lists write a function.

- What is post-order, pre-order and in-order binary tree transversal?

- Explain the difference between structure and union?

- Explain the difference between TCP protocols and UDP protocol?

- Explain “passing by reference”.

- Explain the difference between HTTP post and HTTP GET?

- Explain what is “passing by pointer”?

- To sort an array can you implement an algorithm

- Explain what is an interrupt?
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