Dell verbal questions and answers

Dell conducted a placement test in our campus during the placement festival. They conducted a written test for the elimination. It comprised of quantitaitve aptitude and verbal ability.

Some the questions,which I remember, they asked in verbal ability are:

1. Passage with some questions following it.
2. Fill in the blanks
3. Synonyms
4. Antonyms
5. Correct the sentence etc.

Some examples:

The unification of two countries 500 years back acted as a catalyst, -------- a flowering of new roman culture.
1. triggering 2. describing 3. suspending 4. polarizing 5. symbolizing

Find the error
Honesty, integrity and being intelligent (1)/ are the qualities which (2)/ we look for when (3)/ we interview applicants. (4)/ No Error (5)

a.)apologise b.) acknowledge c.)admit d.) pardon

I think the verbal ability section at CareerRide is quite sufficient to practice.
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