Demands of Sushma Swaraj’s resignation over Lalitgate: Fair or Politics?

Demands of Sushma Swaraj’s resignation over Lalitgate: Fair or Politics?

Lalitgate controversy is buzzing across nation with the pivot being Mr. Lalit Modi, the former IPL commissioner in India. Mr. Modi fled to the Britain in 2010 and is alleged for financial misdemeanor of over Rs 1700 crore. The Enforcement Directorate has already issued a look-out notice on Lalit Modi.

Drawn into this controversy is Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and Rajasthan CM, Vasundhara Raje Scindia. Both have been accused by the opposition party and media for having helped Lalit Modi to stay in England. The opposition is demanding resignation of Sushma Swaraj following the scandal. Express your opinion on the matter: Demands of Sushma Swaraj’s resignation over Lalitgate: Fair or Politics?


- The good times of Narendra Modi led government seems to be over. The demand is absolutely fair as the poor credibility of foreign ministers and other ministers in Lalitgate scam highlights conflict of interest and favoritism.

- The foreign minister is stated to be allegedly involved in the entire case. In fact her husband and daughter have been seen favoring former IPL commissioner in several cases.

- There has been no clarity on the travel approval part in the entire case. Again, foreign minister is believed to have allegedly helped Mr. Lalit Modi in getting British travel documents.

- The acts of Sushma Swaraj are categorized under acts of grave misconduct and grave impropriety by helping a fugitive to get away from the clutches of the law.

- Why the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is silent on the much hyped Lalitgate scandal when he was the one who repeatedly claimed “naa khaunga naa khane dunga” slogan during election campaign. It is evident that he has bend down in front of the internal pressures as assembly elections are approaching.

- Swaraj didn’t find it important to engage other cabinet ministers before taking a decision on the Lalitgate matter.

- Her use of discretion in support of Lalit Modi is against the PM Modi’s much hyped campaign against black money and corruption.


- As of now, there are no documents that can prove the wrongdoing of Sushma Swaraj in Lalitgate scandal. In such a scenario, all the hype is nothing but pure revenge politics.

- The opposition party is trying to get a brownie point in terms of corruption scandal. The story is being twisted as Sushma Swaraj help was extended to Lalit Modi’s wife for her cancer treatment in Portugal.

- The foreign minister had tried to have a discussion on the Lalitgate controversy in Parliament but was protested by opposition MPs. If the opposition party is so keen to get the answers, they must have allowed the proceedings to go smoothly.

- If it is not politics, then opposition should also positively talk about the foreign minister’s latest stance on peace talks between Pakistan and India. She clearly stated that either to dump hurriyat or NSA talks.

- After taking the role of Foreign Minister, Sushma Swaraj stated that here catchphrase will be "fast-track diplomacy", which will have three faces, sensitive, proactive and strong. In the last one year, the talks with the U.S. President and other key members reflect the same thing. She had maintained a strong stance during her talks with U.S., Pakistan and China.

- The opposition party cannot undermine the achievements of Foreign Minister in last one year. Modi led NDA government successfully completed the evacuation process to ensure safe arrival of Indians from conflict zones. Sushma Swaraj effective and empathetic response to Indian residents stranded in war areas in Yemen and Iraq were deservedly appreciated.

- Swaraj skills of persuasion and diplomacy played an important role in bringing together opposition and government to approve the Land Boundary Deal with Bangladesh.


PM Narendra Modi has reiterated several times and on different events that corruption is eating away Indian system like a termite. Also, during the elections his emphasize has remained on eliminating corruption. However, the recent scam of Lalitgate is highlighting all together a different story. Why the PM has yet not ordered for an enquiry on the same matter? In fact, he has not even bothered to talk about the matter. In such a scenario, the demand of Sushma Swaraj’s resignation over Lalitgate scandal is justified but at the same time we must also remember that Indian Politics is a politics of pulling down the other party even and making a mountain out of a mole hill.

If the opposition believes that Sushma Swaraj has betrayed the nation by this act, why ask only for her resignation. A legal action should be instigated in such a case and verdict of the court should prevail.
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  • RE: Demands of Sushma Swaraj’s resignation over Lalitgate: Fair or Politics? -gopal agrawal (08/26/15)
  • the demands of the opposition is fare as per my point of view, the prime minister is demanding a corruption free goverment and seeing this point of view the people of india gave him majority. infact the foreign minister should herself resign from the post until the transparency is not brought over the entire matter this will bring two things one is that if she is true the truth will be seen by people and people will appreciate her for her good deeds and also the decision regarding the matter will come soon as resignation will bring immediate solution. thus the goverment will bring transparency over the entire matter and also allow to keep their promises made to people. this way goverment can handle the situation without hurting people .
  • RE: Demands of Sushma Swaraj’s resignation over Lalitgate: Fair or Politics? -Deepa Kaushik (08/26/15)
  • We have still not reached a desicive point to summarize the culprits in the Lalitgate scam. The much speaking and preaching PM is many times seen in mute mode when it comes to the offense of his own ministers. The dumb reaction of PM that was seen in Smriti Irani's fake degree case is again reflected in Sushma swaraj's Lalit Modi scandal. PM does give long-long speeches on many topics, but voluntarily skips the burning issues which might burn his own Government sooner or later.

    Opposition of any country is there to bring the other aspect of any case into limelight. Opposition was fine till the time they pin-pointed the lack of clear explanation and PM's silence. But wasting the precious hours of Parliamentary session in a violent manner is no good for anyone. Opposition just wants to politicise every little bit that strikes their minds. Still, there should be a discipline and smooth way to get the things done without making hassle.

    Ther much hyped Sushma Swaraj's indulgence is no where been in discussion from the ruling Government. They are mute on corruption, fake degrees, mis-interpretations, etc. etc. If opposition had power, they should have made the legal action to be initiated and a proper investigating committee should have handed over the reports by now in this case. But, opposition is more interested in resignation of Sushma Swaraj rather than getting justice implemented under legal cover.

    The demand of resignation of Sushma Swaraj is very much fair. And not only Ms. Swaraj but every minister having any single charge against law, though proved or not yet, should be moved out of power and made to prove themselves first before coming back to power. Infact, it is not only resignation but a strict legal action should be made against these ministers. But the need of hour is for our PM to show his honesty instead of cunningness to the millions who trust him, and break his silence and order an enquiry at the earliest.