Demodulation and Ring modulator for DSBSC generation

The process of recovering information signal from received carrier is known as

a.) Detection
b.) Modulation
c.) Demultiplexing
d.) Sampling

Correct Answer : a.) Detection


Detection or demodulation of the received signal is the recovery of information or the original message that was transmitted by the transmitter after modulation. The process is also called demodulation it recovers the original signal from the modulated signal received.

Ring modulator

a.) Is used for DSB SC generation
b.) Consists of four diodes connected in the form of ring
c.) Is a product modulator
d.) All of the above

Correct Answer: d) All of the above


Ring modulator is a product modulator used for DSB SC generation. It consists of four diodes connected in the form of ring. In AM , the ring modulator acts as a product modulator for a square wave carrier and modulating signal and generated a Double Side Band-Suppressed Carrier signal.
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