Dental Assistant career objective and career summary

Dental Assistant career objective and career summary

Career Objective:

To yield my best service and present my potential towards assisting the doctor in their treatment regime. Delivering my work with utmost perfection and sense of adaptability to support the physician throughout the treatment line-up.

Career Summary:

- 2 years working experience as a dental assistant with Dr. ABC
- Well aware of the latest technology and equipment for day-to-day dental procedures.
- Experience of assisting dental surgery with utmost calmness, patience and precision.
- Ability to hold up for long hours through the process of treatment procedures.
- Ability to handle the patients and helping them with calm environment.
- Presence of mind while working with the patient to keep them distracted from the pain.
- Good knowledge of the tool requirements for the various dental procedures.
- Good knowledge of handling the patients for the time, in case the physician goes to attend any emergency call.
- Certificate from the previous dentist for my work efficiency and punctuality.
- Assisted in many dental surgeries with a perfection towards work.
- Careful and perfect towards the task assigned.
- Trustworthy to take care of the clinic in absence of the doctor.
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  • Dental Assistant career objective and career summary -Viraj Desai (06/16/14)

    Looking to secure the role of a Senior Dental Assistant in ytr Hospital. Possess strong experience in handling patients as well as good working knowledge in almost all areas of dental procedures


    • A Bachelor’s in Dental Surgery with over 5 years of experience of working as a Dental Assistant in jhp Hospital
    • Responsible for scheduling patient appointments, handling enquiries as well as filing patient records
    • Assisted dentist in conducting dentistry procedures for 15-20 patients daily
    • Demonstrated empathy by making patients at ease and comfortable during any surgical procedures
    • Excellent interpersonal and time management skills
    • Meticulous in ensuring selection of correct instruments and materials in patient’s mouth
    • Diligent worker who ensured clean working environment complying with the rules and procedures
    • Adequate knowledge of oral hygiene as well as dental equipments.