Dentist career objective and career summary

Dentist career objective and career summary

Career Objective:
To attain a state of physical perfection at work, providing mental satisfaction to patients, adding to the kitty of organization, and maintaining peace and harmony at work with my expertise and hard work. Keen towards a calm working environment with good technological equipment to assist the daily dental procedures.

Career Summary:
- M.D.S. with expertise training in surgical procedures.
- 3 years clinical experience.
- Good hold of latest equipment in the field of dentistry.
- Experience of handling critical patients with utmost care and resolving to state of normal health.
- Ability to read and narrate X-rays and other investigations.
- Experience of working with critical patients.
- Good hold of the patient symptoms and troubles.
- Ability to single handedly perform root canaling and other surgeries with precision.
- Ability to keep patients at the calm on the couch during the work.
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  • Dentist career objective and career summary -Viraj Desai (06/16/14)

    Looking to secure the role of a Senior Dentist in mnb Hospital. Possess hands-on experience with dental procedures as well as sound knowledge of the latest technologies and techniques for curing patient.


    • A Doctor in Dental medicine with over 6 years of work experience as a Dentist in BVC Hospital
    • Responsible for providing comprehensive dental care by helping patient maintain long term dental health
    • Awarded for outstanding achievement in operative dentistry by the Association of Dentistry, Calcutta
    • Confident communicator with an ability to strike a good conversation with dental patients
    • Provided dentistry care to a plethora of patients ranging from children to aged people.
    • Proven ability of ensuring that dental practices in surgery are updated for giving good care to families and patients
    • Flexible, congenial and highly regarded in the dental circles
    • Good team player as worked with dental health educators and dental nurses
    • Excellent listening skills as well as very good communication skills for writing prescriptions for dental medication.