Describe the work environment of your dream job.

Describe the work environment of your dream job.

Answer: Many employees leave the job or are laid off because they are a misfit to the work environment. The purpose of this question is to see if your perception of a good work environment is similar to the environment in this organization.

There’s no wrong or right answer for this question. Communicate the factors important to you in your work environment. Additionally, you can ask them about the work environment in the company when given a chance.
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  • RE: Describe the work environment of your dream job. -Farhana Afreen (07/06/15)
  • Strange as it might seem, most employees are put off soon after joining a new company just because they do not find the work environment suitable to their preference or like the one they expected. All they seek to know is whether or not you would be able to cope with the new work environment. If you have previous experience at work and liked the environment at the old place, it is easier for you to explain how you like your work place ideally. If you have absolutely no reference, research their website to get an idea of the ambience at work and what facilities they have to offer you. Your answer can be a good blend of the facilities they provide at work and the ones that you ideally expect.

    Do not build the expectations too high or above what you will get at the company you are interviewing with. They will get the idea that you have high expectations and would not be able to cope in their workplace.

    It is absolutely fine to bring In some vague descriptions here after all they questioned you about your dream job. On a lighter note you can mention the source of your description which can be an office you saw on television or magazine. If you are talking vague ideas, make sure you assist it with the fact that you can find a work environment positive for you if it has the basic necessities you mentioned earlier excluding the dreamy ones. Your creativity will be appreciated.