Describe your work life as a "news headline". Why would it be so?

Describe your work life as a “news headline”. Why would it be so?

Answer: Prima facie this may look like a question testing your creative skills but don’t go by the looks of it. This is the twisted form of our traditional question – Tell us something about yourself. So, define your work life and provide it a good heading. Sum up the factors that make you choose the heading.
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  • RE: Describe your work life as a "news headline". Why would it be so? -Farhana Afreen (07/06/15)
  • "Why would my work life be a news headline in the first place?" You may do the calculative thinking inside your brain but whether you like the question or not, it is there staring at your face and you have to sketch and answer keeping that skeptical look inside your head. So the interviewer is interested in knowing how well you think of yourself. You have to think high of yourself to the right extent to have the confidence of making the interviewer believe in you.

    The answer should completely depend on your choice of career and what makes you motivated to opt for it. For instance if you are someone from a small town and interviewing for a position in a big city, depending on your career the answer could be like this:
    "Software engineer (mention your expertise or the quality they need from the ideal candidate) from XYZ town makes way towards his dream job, all set to escalating from nadir to zenith with ABC (name of company, city)."

    There, you will have the interviewer eating right through your hands.