Development & Promotion of Clean Technology and Waste Minimisation Strategies

Development & Promotion of Clean Technology and Waste Minimisation Strategies

Question: Clean technologies are the way to sustainable development. Provide an overview of the scheme on 'Development and Promotion of Clean Technology and Waste Minimisation Strategies.’

- This scheme aims at identification of priority areas and development of appropriate economically viable clean technologies as well as waste minimisation strategies for small and medium scale industries through interface and setting up of R&D and academic institutes

- The scheme also aims at promotion and adoption of clean technologies and waste minimisation strategies through industrial clusters via setting up of pilot/demo projects on prototype development

- Another aim of the scheme is the upgradation and absorption of imported clean technologies and demonstration through pilot projects


- Projects under the scheme have been formed to meet clean technology and waste minimisation needs of small and medium scale industries in the above categories

- Projects associated with common treatment facilities and infrastructure should also be considered

- Thrust or priority areas need to be further elaborated through a projects committee constituted by the Ministry

- Facilitating access to clean technology as well as its adoption by small and medium scale industries is another focus area of implementation

- This is through grant in aid to statutory bodies under Central and State Government in the field of R&D/Extension or registered company with healthy financial record and in house R&D units

- Tie up collaboration with industries and consortium for establishing demo projects in 24 industrial sectors for clean technologies has also been initiated

- Life Cycle Assessment Studies in Thermal Power Plants, Steel, Pulp and Paper, Cement and Construction Studies have been commissioned and completed

- Carrying capacity studies have also been completed for the following areas:

- Greater Kochi Region, Doon Valley, Damodar River Basin, Tapi Estuary and National Capital Region (NCR), Natural Resource Accounting Studies for Upper Yamuna Basin; has been completed.

- Creation of database for clean technologies in India as well as abroad and evolution of a networking mechanism of research institutions of the country alongside capacity building in the financial sector and application of fiscal instruments for adoption of clean technologies by SSIs is also in progress

- The scheme also aims at implementing adoption of clean technologies along with waste minimisation techniques, comprehension of environmental acts, rules and regulations, understanding basic design and pollution control

- Development of a Clean Technology Park is for showcasing important cleaner technologies and serving as a centre for training environment managers

Facts and Stats

Sectors of Interest

The scheme is extended to industries using clean technology options such as the following:

- Agro-based industries

- Aluminum Smelter

- Caustic Soda

- Cement

- Copper Smelter

- Distilleries

- Dyes and Dye Intermediates

- Electroplating

- Fertiliser

- Integrated Iron & Steel

- Tanneries

- Pesticides

- Petrochemicals

- Plastics

- Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

- Pulp and Paper

- Waste Oil Refineries

- Sugar

- Energy

- Zinc Smelter

- Textiles

- Paints and Resins

- Chemicals

- E-waste
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