Did Kohli let himself and his team down?

Did Kohli let himself and his team down?


Although the India-Australia match taking place in Australia resulted in a draw, Virat Kohli was there in the limelight. Australia won the series and gained the Border–Gavaskar Trophy.

Though Virat Kohli gave a good performance in the series, his aggression was widely criticized by many. Virat had a verbal clash with the Australian players during the match at Melbourne.

Will such an act on the part of Virat be good for him and team India?

No – His aggression will not prove to be good for him and his team.

1. Negative opinion– Virat's aggression on the field will create a negative opinion about him and team India among people.

2. Reputation – Virat should remember that he represents India in foreign lands. Not only his, but the country's reputation is also at stake.

3. Initiate a clash – According to Sunil Gavaskar, it was not good on the part of Virat Kohli to initiate the clash with the Australian players. You can have a conversation calmly instead of initiating an argument.

4. Creates pressure – When Virat displays aggression on the field, he gets the impetus to play well. This may create negative pressure among the other players to give their best.

5. Fired up – At times, getting aggressive in the field may end up in you getting fired up. Kohli should have controlled his anger as that could have affected his performance.

Yes – His aggression will prove to be good for him and his team.

1. Morale boost – His aggression motivated him to play well. It increased the confidence in him to give his best shot.

2. Team spirit – If one player in a team plays well, definitely it will increase the confidence of his fellow players. Virat's aggression and performance are good for a good team spirit.

3. Self respect – Australians teased Virat by calling him a “brat boy”. It was very natural for him to react to this. It was a question of his self-respect.

4. Proved himself – Despite all the aggression that he displayed, he managed to achieve his highest test score.

5. Good lesson – We have noticed that the Australians have always had a habit of mocking and making fun of the Indians in the field. Virat's aggression might have taught them some decency.


Playing cricket for your country is all about sportsmanship and patriotism. You should maintain some discipline and not bring in your personal issues to the ground. Virat should have been much more careful before expressing aggression in front of the whole world. At times, it may have a bad effect not only on him but on the entire team.
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  • RE: Did Kohli let himself and his team down? -Deepa Kaushik (12/31/14)
  • The aggression of Virat Kohli on the field is against the sportsmanship. The game should be played in good spirit. Talking of the international sport events, the players not only perform in the field, but they also portray the image of their entire team and the country. An aggression on the field gives a very bad impression for the country.

    Any profession requires a tact to be handled smoothly. It is very much understandable that the Australian cricketers teased our Indian players and the crisp comment was a reply to the same. But an apt professional is the one who can maintain his calm at any and every sphere of life maintaining his professional attitude and pride.

    Kohli’s comments could have been proved fatal for his own career. An aggression at work could lead to fire out situation for the person found guilty. This has to certain extent led down the team’s image. And for the player himself, he should learn to maintain his cool to have a great path ahead, not only in the field of cricket, but for any sphere in his life.