Dietician career objective and career summary

Dietician career objective and career summary

Career Objective:

To utilize my potential in gaining the health of the patients with the dietary chart and regime. Use expertise in guiding the hospitalised patients with correct supplements and assisting in their speedy recovery, thereby keeping up the reputation of the attending hospital.

Career Summary:

- Qualified with 4 years working experience as dietician at Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi
- Experience of working in all the departments working out the dietary supplements.
- Experience to carry out the dietary charts for the patients in IPD as well as the OPD.
- Ability to work in shifts as per the hospital requirements.
- Ability to interact and console the patients regarding their health.
- Awarded for being the best dietician of the month thrice in past 2 years of hospital practise.
- Comfortable working with physician from all the departments.
- Good record of follow up by the patients to get their diet chart altered according to health requirements.
- Good reputation at patient level with high satisfaction index, getting new patients in OPD on recommendation of previously attended patients.
- Keen towards getting a challenging environment to guide and help the needy patients.
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  • Dietician career objective and career summary -Viraj Desai (06/16/14)

    Looking for the role of Senior Dietician in ghp Hospital. Confident and well presented dietician possessng ability to communicate sensitive and complex dietary matters to the patient.


    • A B.Sc in Nutrition and Dietetics from Baroda University with over 5 years of experience as a Dietician in JHG Hospital
    • Dealt with patients having any nutrition related issues along with specific cases such as pregnant woment, underweight and severely underweight people
    • Responsible for liaising with nurses and catering team to provide special diets
    • Formulated departmental policies, procedures and standards
    • Collected patient data for surveys along with analysis of the same and incorporating any possible changes after that
    • Demonstrated insight and caring attitude simultaneously by aiding patients in making informed choices about their food habits
    • Undertook comprehensive assessment of patients’ nutritional condition.
    • Ability to prioritise and concentrate on the task in hand.
    • Wrote discharge reports about patients for keeping record