Difference between ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET WebForms

What is the difference between ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET WebForms?

-ASP.NET WebForms uses the page controller patterns to render a layout. Whereas, ASP.NET MVC provides a model that doesn’t have connection with the View so it becomes easier to test and maintain the applications.

-ASP.NET WebForms uses the Front controller pattern for all the pages to process the web applications requests and used to facilitate routing architecture. Whereas, ASP.NET MVC has the View that is called before the controller and this controller is used to render the View that is based on the actions as the user interacts with the interface.

-ASP.NET WebForms manage the state of the model by using the view state and server based controls. Whereas, ASP.NET MVC doesn’t manage the state information like WebForms.

-ASP.NET WebForms are event driven. Whereas, ASP.NET MVC are test driven.

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  • -ASP.NET MVC does not use View State to record state information whereas ASP.NET web form uses View State to record state information.

    -ASP.NET Web forms are better for Rapid application development in the case if you small development team. ASP.NET MVC is better for large project where you give more priority to testability and maintainability.

    -In ASP.NET Web form View is called after controller wherein ASP.NET MVC the rendering of View is managed by controller based on the action.

    -ASP.NET Web forms development is easy to learn compared to ASP.NET MVC development.