Difference between HR generalist and HR specialist

What is the difference between HR generalist and HR Specialist? What option should I choose that will help me in the long run?

The HR Generalist: They have broad spectrum of responsibilities like staffing the organisation, managing workforce, compensation, training and development, developing policies and procedures, ensuring that internal policies and procedures abide to all laws that affect the workplace.

The HR Specialist: They are required by large Organisations, they are equipped with technical knowledge along with the basic HRM skills. Most common areas of specialisation are: workforce planning and employment, HR development, Salary administrators, Labour Relations specialist focus on employee – labour relations, Risk Management – developing health and safety programmes for the organisation.

Both are interesting profiles, you can make up your mind and decide for yourself that if you want to be an HR specialist or generalist. Both have good amount of scope but HR specialist has an edge over HR generalist as it is more challenging and requires extensive planning.
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