Different fields in private sector where statisticians are employed

What are the various fields in private sector that I can be a part of after my post graduation i.e. as a qualified statistician?

There are ample job opportunities in the private sector too. There is a huge demand in businesses, industries, sports, medics etc for statisticians.

1. Business statisticians are the statisticians that predict the surplus demand of products and services required. Managing assets and liabilities, determining the risks and returns of certain investments require assistance of business statisticians.

2. Statisticians in industry are required to maintain the quality of items manufactured, development of product and improvement and marketing. Apart from this they decide the products that are to be manufactured, its price and to who will they be marketed to.

3. Sports statisticians are very crucial in their respective fields as they collect and analyse sports data like cricket scores, hockey scores, tennis scores, etc along with other historical information that are referred by the commentators during games. They work for various sports teams, associations; private sports statistic bureaus, sports channels, media, etc. To succeed in this field one must have statistical skills along with knowledge about the respective sports.

4. Medical statisticians help doctors and other medical professional with their work. Monitoring and surveillance of diseases and health pattern of the sample are the pre-requisites of this job. Determining the cause of disease or the factors associated with disease and death and its prevention is also handled by medical statisticians.
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