DigiLocker initiative of Department of Electronics and Information Technology

DigiLocker initiative of Department of Electronics and Information Technology

Question - Technology has created better governance through utilisation of resources in an optimal manner. Discuss the DigiLocker initiative of Department of Electronics and Information Technology.

DigiLocker is a digital locker system which has been released by the Indian government for securely storing documents online. There was a beta launch for it last month. Locker can be accessed by individuals wanting information on the government.

• This is part of the Digital India scheme. Technology companies such as Google and DropBox also offer users storage space, but DigiLocker is a complete governmental initiative

• Users can store documents such as insurance, medical reports, passports, marriage certificate, school certificate, PAN card and other documents in digital format

• An electronic version of such documents which can be correctly verified and stored in printable format is a unique advantage of trying out DigiLocker

• This initiative was launchd by Department of Electronics and Information Technology/DeitY under the aegis of the Ministry of Communications and ID

• It is a plan to create an application associated with Aadhaar for digitally storing documents

• Aadhaar has a unique identity verification platform for individuals and this can be used to create an app ecosystem through DigiLocker

• DigiLocker can also store URI(uniform resource identifiers) linkages of e-documents issues by various issuer departments

• It currently provides 10MB of free space for individuals to store documents and links of government department or e-documents issued by agencies

• Government is also planning to increase storage space of the same by 1 GB


• DigiLocker will enable digital empowerment of residents through provision of Digital Locker on cloud

• This also eliminates the need to get documents such as school certificates attested for the purpose of applying to educational institutions

• An advantage of DigiLocker is that important documents which are stored here will be treated as authorised documents eliminating the need for carrying these documents for applications to jobs and/or educational institutions

• These e-documents can also be stored online with any registered requester, department or agency

• Facilitates secure access to government issued documents through mobile app and web portal for residents

• Ability to access the e-documents anywhere and anytime

• e-Signing of documents to make them available electronically

• Enhanced privacy and security for the documents

Facts and Stats

• DigiLocker is the brainchild of Shri. R.S. Sharma

• To sign up for DigiLocker, users have to register using their mobile number and Aadhaar card.

• Locker can be accessed by individuals using a number assigned to them following successful registration

• Gujarat is at the top of the list when it comes to states using this online information system.

• DigiLocker currently has 58,698 users and around 53,016 documents used online so far

• Gujarat is leading with 9,526 users followed by UP with 8,299 users and Maharashtra with 6,711 users
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