DIPIFR - Professional Diploma Course in Finance

DIPIFR - Professional Diploma Course in Finance

DIPIFR (Diploma in International Financial Reporting)

Being a finance professional, this is the course you should opt for as it will provide you with fast and efficient solutions to your needs. You get a chance to study International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in detail.

There are around 113 countries that require the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for listed companies like in the European Union (EU). They prepare consolidated company accounts that comply with IFRS. Several other countries like Australia, Hong Kong and South Africa have already adopted IFRS and many more countries around the globe, including India, are on the way towards applying IFRS. So DIPIFR takes you a step ahead towards International Financial Reporting.

Why you should do this course?

After completing DIPIFR you will be clear about the following things about IFRS:

• Companies make financial reports with the disclosure requirements and look out for skilled people to do this.DIPIFR makes you a skilled and efficient in applying accounting standards in financial reorts.

• It gives you a good insight into the structure and working of international accounting making you stand out of the crowd.

• After this course your chances to work in domestic as well as international companies increase. Being a qualification required by listed companies in EU, your chances to find a job abroad would increase.

Eligibility for this course.

If you are already an accounting professional or working as an auditor in an organization, you are already eligible to take the course.

• You need to have degree along with 2 years of work experience.
• Or 3 years work of experience
• Or ACCA affiliation
• Or an ACCA certification in International Financial Reporting along with 2 years work of experience.

There is only one written examination that takes just 3 to 6 months to complete. This course is offered by the ACCA.
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