Distance learning programmes in Linguistics.

I have already done my graduation and I am working? Will a distance learning course in Linguistics do any good for me?

- A course in linguistics is beneficial at all the times. Language skills always add weight to your curriculum vitae. Knowledge of various languages not only adds to your intellect but also
makes you acquainted with the life and culture of the speakers of the language. The Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, one of the best language schools in the country
has excellent curriculums in English, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Sanskrit and Japanese. CIEFL is a deemed university under the University Grants Commission (UGC). Many of its programs including the entire master programs are also available in distance learning mode.

- Chattisgarh University also offers post graduate diploma in linguistics in distance learning mode.

- Delhi University and IGNOU also offer a variety of distance learning programs in linguistics.

What is lexicography?

Lexicography is derived from the word Lexicon which literally means vocabulary. Lexicography usually interpreted in general terms mean the trade of compiling dictionaries. However there is another aspect of it known as theoretical Lexicography, which is the study of semantic, syntax and paradigm relationships among lexicons and theoretical know how of the compilation of dictionary, situational analysis of users speaking the language and the use of data printed in dictionaries by the users.
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